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Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI SMA Beserta Jawaban - Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI SMA Beserta Jawaban. Kali ini saya akan mencoba membagikan kumpulan soal-soal yang dipelajari di kelas XI SMA. Soal-soal berikut ini terdiri dari 25 pertanyaan berupa multiple choice yang saya gabungkan dari berbagai model soal. Disini kamu juga bisa mendapatkan kunci jawaban dari soal-soal tersebut yang mana untuk melihat kunci jawabannya kamu bisa mengklik tombol paling bawah.

Answer the following questions correctly and carefully by choosing (A,B,C, D Or E)!
Choose the suitable expression to complete the short dialogue number 1 to 5.
1. Dimas    : Would you accompany me to the internet?
    Bonar    : ……………………..
    Dimas    : Thanks. I really appreciate it.
A. I’m disappointed
B. I’m not so sure
C. Sure
D. Not at all
E. I don’t know

2. Boni    : How was your trip to Nias?
    Yudha  : ……………. with it. I want to go there again next year.
A. I’m very pleased
B. I’m really disappointed
C. I’m very displeased
D. I’m very unsatisfied
E. I’m not happy

3. Bella   :  What do you think of the book?
    Ajeng  : …………….. I really love it
A. It’s terrific
B. It’s disappointed
C. It’s very unsatisfying
D. It’s horrible
E. It’s displeasing

4. Dona  : I think the government should give more attention to the education.
    Norman  : I think so. Because the school fee is too expensive for the poor to pay.
The underlined words are used to express ….
A. Offer
B. Surprise
C. Opinion
D. Pleasure
E. Agreement

5. Farah : You look very busy with your work.
    Reidy : Sure. If you don’t mind. How kind you are.
A. Are you tired ?
B. Can I help you ?
C. Do you like to help me ?
D. Can you do me a favour ?
E. Would you like to help me ?

The text for questions number 6 to 10.
A long time ago, the sky was close to the earth. When you stood up and stretched your arms, you could touch it.
One day, a farmer brought some coconuts for his wife. His wife wanted to drink the juice inside. She knocked on of the coconuts against a rock to break open the shell
“That’s not the way to do it, “her husband said. “You should cut it open with a knife”
He gave her his bolo or jungle-knife
His wife raised the knife to cut the coconut shell. “crack !”. As she lifted the knife about her head it split open the sky and there was heavy rain.
The woman told the sky, “Will you please go a little higher? I can’t raise my knife high enough to cut this coconut shell”
She raised the knife over her shoulder the second time. Once again, it hit the sky and there was thunder and lightening
“You are still too low,” the woman said to the sky. “Please go higher.”
She raised the bolo a third time. It still cracked the sky. There was a typhoon, and the woman’s house was almost blown away by the fierce wind.
“What are you doing?” cried her husband, “Can’t you even try to open a coconut shell without causing a typhoon?”
“It’s not me,” his wife answered. “It’s the sky which is too low”. I need more room to use the knife.”
Finally, the woman became very angry. She looked up and shouted at sky. “You’d better do as I told. Otherwise I shall cut you to pieces.”
The clouds rose and rose and the sky went up higher and higher. That’s why it is now so high.

6. What is the type of the text above?
A. Narrative
B. Report
C. Recount
D. Procedure
E. News items

7. What is the social function of the text?
A. To describe about coconut shells
B. To entertain the readers with fairy legend 
C. To inform readers about coconut shells
D. To describe how the farmers open the coconut shells
E. To explain to readers why it’s hard to open coconut shells

8. Based on the text above, what made the woman get angry?
A. The sky went up too high 
B. He husband didn’t want to help her
C. She couldn’t cut the sky into pieces
D. Her husband forbade her to crack the coconut shell open
D. The sky gave her rain, thunder, lightning, and typhoon

9. Which one of the following statements is NOT TRUE according to the text?
A. A bolo is a jungle knife
B. The woman tore the sky for several times.
C. A very long time ago, the sky was very low
D. The farmer broke the coconut with the knife for his wife
E. The farmer’s wife wanted to drink some coconut water

10. “She knocked one of the coconuts against a rock to break open the shell” (paragraph 2).
The underlined word can be replaced by__ .
A. Cut
B. Stroke 
C. Opened
D. Kicked
E. Removed

The text for questions number 11 to 14.
Today, we have a new member in our family. It has soft white fur and likes to lick its paws. It is also very curious and likes to explore its new surroundings. It seems to like milk and fish a lot and waits eagerly as we prepare its meal. Yes! It is our new cat!

Father saw it purring by the side of the road just now, and decided to bring it home. Now it has become our family cat. I love it very much and named it Ginger.
Ginger seems to like me a lot too and follows me wherever I go. I like to tickle its belly and it will always purr in satisfaction.

Father promised he will buy a cushion for Ginger to sleep on the next day. But tonight, it will share the bed with me!

11. The writer has got a new ….. as a pet.
A. Cat                   
B. Family
C. Cushion
D. Friend                   
E. Surrounding
12. How could the writer get his new pet?
A. She bought it               
B. She brought it   
C. She found it
D. Her father bought it
E. Her father brought it

13. “….and decided to bring it home.” (paragraph 2).
The underlined word can be replaced by__ .
A. Bought                   
B. Determined
C. Hold                   
D. Launched
E. Explained

14. What did the writer’s father pronounce to do? To …..
A. Bring a cat home           
B. Buy a cat for the writer
C. Buy a cushion for the cat
D. Share the bed with the writer       
E. Follow the writer wherever she goes

The text for questions number 15 to 16.
Breakfast is provided free of charge. We also have special discount on food and drinks at our restaurant for all registered guests. On top of that, there’s a fifty percent discount for children below 12 at our restaurant. We are located close to the apple garden and butterfly farm. You can also see the sunset and sunrise from our room. Children would also be entitled to free horse riding lessons every morning.

Rp.430, 000 per night

Reservation : (0341) 7689980
Email :

15. Which is free of charge in the hotel?
A. Having food and drinks in the restaurant.
B. Having breakfast and horse riding lesson.
C. Entering the apple garden.
D. Staying for nights.
E. Registered guest

16. “On top of that, there’s a fifty percent discount for children below 12 at our restaurant.” The underlined word means …
A. Over
B. Under
C. After   
D. Above
E. In the age of

The text for questions number 17 to 19.
You can make nice bookmarks from simply a few pieces of paper. Follow the steps on how to make one.

Materials needed :
A sheet of lightweight card
Paper in 2 different colours
A glass tumbler or cup ( one end with bigger circle and the other end with smaller circle)
A pencil
A ruler
Crayon or felt - tip pens

Instructions :
1. Cut a rectangle about 5 cm x 15 cm out of the card.
2. Draw a circle on the remaining card using one end of the glass tumbler or the cup. Glue this to the end of the card rectangle.
3. Draw a smaller circle on a coloured paper and cut it out.
4. Glue the smaller circle onto the centre of the larger card circle.
5. Using the other sheet of coloured paper, cut out a small semi-circle for the head and glue it to the large circle.
6. Now you can decorate your bug.

17. How many pieces of coloured paper are needed to make a book bug …..
A. One
B. Two
C. Three   
D. Four
E. Five       

18. What is the glass tumbler used for? He is used for...
A. Draw           
B. Drew
C. Draws
D. Drawing
E. To draw

19. “…… circle on a coloured paper and cut it out …..”
The word it refers to…
A. Circle               
B. Coloured paper
C. Cart rectangle
D. Large circle    
E. Small semicircle

Choose the correct grammar for questions number 20 to 22!
20. Olga wrote that composition.
Change into Passive Sentence.
A. That composition are written by Olga
B. That composition is written by Olga
C. That composition was written by Olga
D. That composition were written by Olga
E. That composition has been written by Olga

21. If I had a car, I would go to Bali once a month.
It means ……
A. I didn’t have a car, so I didn’t go to Bali.
B. I don’t have a car, so I don’t go to Bali.
C. I had a car, so I went to Bali.
D. I didn’t have a car, so I went to Bali.
E. I have a car, so I go to Bali.

22.  She was sweeping the floor when I               yesterday.
A. Come
B. Am coming
C. Have come
D. Had come
E. Came

The text for questions number 23 to 25.
A tiger once caught a fox while hunting for food. The fox was very bold. “I am the king of the forest,” he said. But the tiger grew ____ (23) and said that he would eat the fox at once. “If you don’t believe me, come for a walk with me, “answered the fox quite calmly. “You’ll soon see whether all the other animals are afraid of me or not. “Tiger agreed to go with the fox. _____ (24) all the animals saw them coming ____ (25) ran away as fast as they could. The tiger never found out that animals were really frightened of him and the fox.
A. Righted
B. Quite friendly
C. Very angry
D. Rather sad
E. Very strong

A. If   
B. So
C. Because
D. Before
E. When

A. He   
B. She
C. It
D. They
E. Their

Lihat Kunci Jawaban

1. C
2. A
3. A
4. C
5. B
6. A
7. B
8. E
9. D
10. B
11. A
12. E
13. B
14. C
15. B
16. B
17. B
18. D
19. B
20. C
21. A
22. E
23. C
24. E
25. D

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