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Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas X SMA Beserta Jawaban - Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas X SMA Beserta Jawaban. Kali ini saya akan mencoba membagikan kumpulan soal-soal yang dipelajari di kelas X SMA. Soal-soal berikut ini terdiri dari 25 pertanyaan berupa multiple choice yang saya gabungkan dari berbagai model soal yang tentunya saya yakin materinya sudah dipelajari di sekolah. Pada postingan ini kamu juga bisa mendapatkan kunci jawaban dari soal-soal tersebut yang mana untuk melihat kunci jawabannya kamu bisa mengklik tombol paling bawah.

Answer the following questions correctly and carefully by choosing (A,B,C, D Or E)!
Choose the suitable expression to complete the short dialogue number 1 to 5.
1. David     : “Hi….how do you do?”
    Martin    : “………”
A. How do you do         
B. Nice to meet you   
C. I’m fine, and you?  
D. Not bad
E. A and B are correct    

2. Jack   : Do you feel like coming to my birthday party next weekend?
    Rose  : I’d love to but I’m afraid I can’t. I have to take my parents to my brother’s house in Jakarta
What does Rose mean with her statement?
A. She declines the invitation 
B. She wants to come to the party
C. She approves of the invitation
D. She doesn’t like the party
E. She object to the invitation

3. The boy        : “……, madam.Would you mind if I sit beside you?”
    The old lady  : “ By all means.”
A. Hi                          
B. Excuse me   
C. Hello 
D. How do you do
E. Nice to meet you

4. April    : “ my brother has got a scholarship to continue his study in one of  prominent university in America.”            
    Ivone   : “ ……………..”
A. I’m not surprise                  
B. I’m sorry to know that
C. It’s common
D. I’m glad to hear that
E. I’m not satisfied

5. Cavin    : “You know Rita’s father is hospitalized for his serious illness.”
    Barbara     : “…………….”
A. She must be very sad       
B. She must be very happy       
C. Excuse me
D. It’s borring
E. it’s good idea

The text for questions number 6 to 10.
Early one morning, Umar was walking to the bus stop to catch a bus to school. A loud, screeching noise suddenly pierced the air. Umar realized that there had been an accident. A small boy was lying unconscious on the road, and the car that had hit him had already run away.

Umar was confused and frightened. “is the boy dead?” Umar asked himself. However, the boy was still breathing. Umar could see that the boy had bruises all over his face and arms.

Umar did not know what to do. Few cars passed along this road at this time of the day. The nearest house which he could go to for help was his own, but it would take ten minutes to walk there. Umar finally decided to stay with the boy until somebody came by. 

Time passed very slowly – so it seemed to Umar. The boy was still unconscious, and Umar prayed for the boy to regain consciousness.

Umar sprang to his feet at the sound of an approaching car. He waved frantically at the driver to stop. Umar asked the driver,”You will help this boy, won,t you, Sir?” The driver was kind. He carried the injuried boy to the car. Umar went with them to the hospital. Later, the driver took Umar to the police station to report the accident.

Umar had a lot to tell to his friends that day at school. All his friends though Umar was a very brave boy.”it was an unforgettable incident, wasn,t it?” They asked him.
“Yes, it was, “Umar replied.”it was a terrifying experience, thought!”

6. What is the genre of the text?
A. Descriptive                            
B. Recount           
C. Narrative
D. Procedure
E. News item

7. Umar and the helpful driver went to the police station after they ….
A. Stopped the approaching car
B. Reported the accident they saw
C. Brought the boy to the nearest house
D. Had seen the injured boy on the road
E. Had carried the injured boy to the hospital

8. What do Umar,s friends think about him ….
A. He is an honest boy           
B. He is a coward boy         
C. He is a very brave boy
D. He is a kind boy
E. He is an easy going boy

9. “Time passed very slowly” ….( paragraph 4 )
This part of the text is called ….
A. Description                         
B. Resolution       
C. Event     
D. unconscious
E. Reorientation    

10. The t was a terrifying experience, thought !“
The similar meaning of underlined word is ….
A. Brave                          
B. Horrible           
C. Pleasant
D. Released
E. Habitually

The text for questions number 11 to 14.
“Once upon a time a hawk feel in love with a hen. The hawk flew down from the sky and asked the hen, “Won,t you marry me?”

The hen loved the brave, strong hawk and wishes to marry him. But she said,”I cannot fly as high as you can. If you give me time, I may learn to fly as high as you. Then, we can fly together.”

The hawk agreed. Before he went away, he gave the hen a ring. “This is to show that you have promised to marry me,”said the hawk.

So it happened that the hen had already promised to marry a rooster. So, when the rooster saw the ring, he became very angry. “Throw that ring away at once! Didn,t you tell the hawk that you,d already promised to marry me?” shouted the rooster. The hen was so frightened at the rooster anger that she threw away the ring immediately.

When the hawk came the next day, the hen told him the truth. The hawk was so furious that he cursed the hen. “Why didn,t you tell me earlier? Now, You,ll always be scratching the earth, and I,ll always be flying above you to catch your children,”said the hawk.

The curse seems to have come true.

11. Why couldn,t the hen say “yes” right away?
A. Because she did not love the hawk
B. Because she had no ring to exchange
C. Because she hate to the hawk
D. Because the hawk was too brave and strong
E. Because she had to learn how to fly as high as the hawk

12. The hawk flew down from the sky and asked the hen,”won,t you marry me?”(paragraph 1).
What does the underlined utterance mean?
A. The hen wanted to marry the hawk
B. The hen refused to marry the hawk
C. The hen agreed to be the hawk,s wife
D. The hawk proposed the hen to be his wife
E. The hawk wanted to marry the hen at the sky

13. Why was the rooster angry when he saw the ring?
A. The hen had betrayed him
B. The hen had stolen his ring
C. The hen didn,t wear her own ring
D. The ring was not good for the hen
E. The ring was to small for the hen

14. What can we learn from the story? We have to ….
A. Take care of our children
B. Keep our promise
C. Love one another
D. Listen to other
E. Marry soon

The text for questions number 15 to 18.
How to make a Ballon Powered Rocket
You will need a ballon, sticky tape, sensors, string, a plastic drinking straw.
1. Thread the string carefully through the drinking straw.
2. The one end of the string to an object (tree, door handle, post, and so on)
3. The other end of the string to something ten meters away making sure that the string is tight.
4. Cut two pieces of sticky tape.
5. Gently blow a little air into the ballon.
6. Hold the end of the ballon tightly so the air does not escape.
7. Tape the ballon firmly to the straw.
8. Blow more air into the ballon and again hold the end tighly.
9. Quickly release the end of the ballon and watch it travel along the string.

15. What is the communicative purpose of the text?
A. To tell the story of a ballon
B. To retell the event
C. To explain the steps how to make a ballon power rocket
D. To describe the ballon
E. To inform the reader how to do something

16. What is the goal of the text?
A. Telling about the ballon powered rocket
B. Making a ballon powered rocket
C. Making a rocket power ballon
D. Powered rocket with ballon
E. Powered rocket is a ballon

17. “You will need a ballon, sticky tape, sensors, string, a plastic drinking, straw.”
What do we call this part of the text?
A. Goal                             
B. Steps       
C. Event
D. Coda
E. Materials

18.    How many materials are needed to make a ballon powered rocket ….
A. 3                  
B. 2                    
C. 4              
D. 5                 
E. 6

The text for questions number 19 to 21.
The chairman and director of general mercantile ltd

Request the presence of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jackso

To the opening ceremony of the branch office of general mercantile at 300,
Victoria street, London E.C. at 7.Pm.
On Thusrday, 1 st April 2008.

Evening Dress
RSVP Secretary

19. What is the invitation about?
A. Request of presence                   
B. The opening ceremony of new branch office   
C. Meet Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jackson
D. General mercantile ltd
E. RSVP to the Secretary   

20.    Who were invited to the opening ceremony ?
A. The chairman            
B. The Director   
C. Generel mercantile 
D. Mr and Mrs. Frank Jackson
E. The secretary

21. Where was the opening ceremony held ?
A. 3000, Victoria street, London B.C.
B. 300, Victoria street, London E.C
C. 30, Victoria street, London E.C
D. 30, Victoria street, London A.C
E. 30, Victoria street, London B.C

The text for questions number 22 to 23.
Koes Plus was well known as pop music group in the seventies until the eighties. At that time most Indonesia people were ____(22) about their songs because they were nice and simple. Every radio station broadcasted these songs and always put them in the top of pop music. Their music shows were always full of _______ (23).
A. Fanatical
B. Dissatisfied
C. Crazy
D. Disappointed
E. Boring

A. Haters   
B. Spectators
C. Participants
D. Speakers
E. Affiliate

Choose the correct grammar for questions number 24 to 25!
24.  Julie fell off her bicycle and broke ….. arm
A. Hers                            
B. Her           
C. His  
D. Him
E. He

25.  I saw Jane when I               for the taxi.
A. Wait                          
B. Am waiting   
C. Was waiting 
D. Have waited
E. Waited

Lihat Kunci Jawaban

1. A
2. A
3. B
4. D
5. A
6. B
7. E
8. C
9. C
10. B
11. E
12. D
13. A
14. B
15. C
16. B
17. E
18. D
19. B
20. D
21. B
22. A
23. B
24. B
25. C

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