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Asking and Giving Advice Beserta Contoh Soal Terlengkap - Asking and Giving Advice Beserta Contoh Soal Terlengkap. Sebelum melihat beberapa contoh dialog Bahasa Inggris expressing giving advice atau suggestion, mari kita lihat terlebih dahulu pengertiannya. Expressing suggestion atau advice adalah ungkapan yang digunakan untuk memberikan nasehat atau saran kepada orang lain. Dalam kehidupan sehari-hari kita pasti pernah memberikan nasehat kepada orang lain. Namun pada kesempatan kali ini admin akan mencoba membahas tentang cara memberikan saran atau nasehat dalam bahasa Inggris. Baca juga artikel terkait tentang Asking and Giving Opinion Beserta Soal Terlengkap.

Asking for advice

What do you think I should do?
What do you recommend we do about ... ?
What should I do?
What do you suggest?
What would you advice us to do?
What do you advise me to do?
If you were me what would you do?
What ought I to do?
Do you think that I should…?
Do you have any suggestions?
What would you do about ...?

Giving advice

If I were you I would/wouldn’t….
If I were in your shoes/position I would…
You had better/ you’d better…..
You should…
Maybe you should…
Your only option is to….
Why don’t you….
Have you thought about….
Have you tried…
I would recommend that you ...
My advice would be to ...
May I suggest that we ...
If I were you, I would ...

Accepting advice

Yes, I agree with that.
That sounds like a good idea!
I don't think that's a good idea.
OK, why don't we do that.
That's very interesting. 

Rejecting advice 

I'm sorry, i can't agree with that.
I don't think we should do that.
That's very interesting, but ...
I don't know what to advise, I'm afraid.
I wish I could suggest something, but I can't.
I wish I could help.
I'm afraid I can't really help you.

Student: I'm terrible at English and I think I should do something about it. What do you advise me to do?
Teacher: I think you should try this website It's a fantastic website for beginners.   
Student: I've heard about it, but what do you think I should start with?
Teacher: You'd better start with the lessons. Then, try the exercises. There are many English material on the website and also some exercises.
Student: I would like to improve my speaking. What should I do?
Teacher: You should watch English channels and listen English musics.
Student: Thank you sir.
Teacher: Don’t mention it.

Siswa: Saya takut pelajaran bahasa Inggris dan saya pikir saya harus melakukan sesuatu tentang hal itu. Apa kamu punya saran apa yang harus saya lakukan?
Guru: Saya pikir kamu harus mencoba situs ini Ini adalah situs yang fantastis untuk pemula .
Siswa: Aku pernah mendengar tentang hal itu, tapi apa hal pertama yang harus saya lakukan?
Guru: Kamu sebaiknya memulai dengan lessons. Selanjutnya, cobalah latihan soal-soal. Ada banyak materi bahasa Inggris di website itu dan juga beberapa latihan.
Siswa: Saya ingin meningkatkan kemampuan berbicara saya. Apa yang harus saya lakukan?
Guru: Anda harus menonton saluran bahasa Inggris dan mendengarkan musik bahasa Inggris.
Siswa: Terima kasih Pak.
Guru: Jangan sungkan-sungkan.

Contoh Percakapan 1
This conversation taking place at Iqbal’s bedroom
Mother : Iqbal…bal...oh my god. Wake up my dear. It’s Monday morning, don't you go to school.
Iqbal : Mom, I have got a headache.
Mother : Let me check. You have got a high temperature. You should stay at home.
Iqbal : That sounds like a good idea!
Mother : Just a moment, I will call your daddy. You should go to a doctor.
Iqbal : No...Mom, I don't think that's a good idea.

Contoh Percakapan 2
This conversation taking place at the park
Aufa : I have a serious problem today. I have just lost my wallet.
Tami : Don't be so sad my friend, let us search it around the park.
Aufa : I have looked for it for hours but I do not find it, do you have some ideas?
Tami : You had better tell the securities to announce it to other students.
Aufa : Yeah, that sounds good. I do hope it helps.
Tami : Let’s go.. !

Exercise: Answer the following questions!
Alex : You look unhealthy, Boy.
Bryan : Yes, I get a headache and a stomachache.
Alex : You should go to a doctor. Come on, I will accompany you.
Bryan : Ok.
1. The underlined words show ....
A. Agreement
B. Disagreement
C. Advice
D. Necessity
E. Plan

2. You should ............... to past the test.
A. Study hard
B. Studying
C. Studying hard
D. Studied
E. Studied hard

Andi : I have a bad headache.
Budi : You’d better ......................
3. Complete the dialogue above ....
A. Taking an aspirin
B. An aspirin
C. Take an aspirin
D. To take an aspirin
E. Took an aspirin

Amir : I am not good at English.
Budi : ..........................
4. Complete the dialogue above with an advice .....
A. I should practise English every day
B. Why don’t you take an English course and practise every day?
C. Do you like English ?
D. I must take an English course
E. You must sleep often

5. Mary failed again in the test. She ....................... harder.
A. Had better study
B. Need to study
C. Better study
D. Study
E. Studied.

6. I miss my grandparents. What ........................ I do now ?
A. Better
B. Had better
C. Should
D. Did
E. Do


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