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10 Contoh Soal Analytical Exposition Text dan Kunci Jawaban Terbaru - 10 Contoh Soal Analytical Exposition Text dan Kunci Jawaban Terbaru. Analytical Exposition text adalah salah satu jenis text yang memberikan penjelasan secara komprehensif tentang suatu masalah dengan menampilkan pendapat-pendapat pendukung secara hati-hati. Secara sederhana teks ini berisi tentang pemikiran terperinci penulis tentang sebuah kejadian atau peristiwa yang ada di sekitar. Dalam artikel ini saya akan membagikan 10 Contoh Soal Analytical Exposition Text dan Kunci Jawaban Terbaru untuk pelajar Sekolah Menengah Atas kelas 10, 11 atau 12 SMA/SMK/MA. Soal-soal dibawah ini bisa Anda download pada link bagian paling bawah postingan.


Kumpulan Soal Analytical Exposition Text SMA dan Pembahasan

Read the following text to answer questions number 1 to 3.
The government should Provide rehabilitation Program for Drug Users

Drug users are actually ill people who need help. Rehabilitation is one of the main things they should get. Instead of punishing drug users in prisons, the government should provide rehabilitation for them.

Most users are actually victims of persuasive peddlers and they suffer from consuming the drugs. Therefore, by rehabilitating them, we are actually helping them out from traps, which they might accidentally step on.

If we only arrest drug users and send them to jail, this doesn't solve the problem as drug users will still be addicted unless proper rehabilitation is imposed to them. Providing rehabilitation programs for drug users and forcing them to participate in the programs is better than only arresting them and doing nothing to their illness. Only drug dealers, traffickers, and wholesalers should be imprisoned.  
1. Most drug users get drugs from ....
    A. Jails
    B. Peddlers
    C. Traffickers
    D. Wholesalers
    E. Rehabilitation center 

2. Sending the drug users to prison is not a good solution because ....
    A. They can't consume harmful drugs
    B. They are treated normally
    C. They may still be infected with harmful drugs
    D. They can be freed as soon as possible
    E. They are given the whole recovery program

3. "...drug users will still be addicted unless proper rehabilitation is imposed to them." (Paragraph 3) The underlined word is closest in meaning to ....
    A. Influenced
    B. Treated
    C. Forced
    D. Burdened
    E. Implemented

Read the following text to answer questions number 4 to 6.
Everybody should change their way of life to reduce global warming. There are several things that we can do. One of them is by buying and consuming fresh local groceries as much as possible. It of course includes local vegetables, fruits, bread, etc.

Local groceries don’t need much transportation to get it into the market. It of course means, the amount of carbon dioxide produced is less than the groceries from other region. Therefore, by buying local groceries we are helping reduce the amount of carbon dioxide produced.

Consuming fresh groceries instead of frozen ones are healthier for us. Furthermore, fresh food or groceries means no requirements for it to be freeze up. It means that no electricity is needed and saving energy means reducing carbon dioxide and money.

So, from now on we should consume fresh local groceries to reduce global warming.  
4. The text gives us information about ….
    A. The ways to minimize global warning
    B. The ways to increase global warning
    C. The effects of global warning
    D. The importance of consuming local groceries
    E. The importance of knowing global warning 

5. To reduce the global warming we should ….
    A. Buy import product
    B. Buy expensive clothes
    C. Consume frozen foods
    D. Consume fresh foods
    E. Not use electricity efficiently

6. We are helping reduce the amount of global warming” (Paragraph 2) The underlined word can be replaced by ….
    A. Increase
    B. Decrease
    C. Improve
    D. Add
    E. Maximize

Read the following text to answer questions number 7 to 10.
The use of formalin and other dangerous preservatives in food has been serious problem for three reasons. Firstly, formalin is not for human beings, but it is for biological specimens and experiments. Formalin in Biology is a 10% solution of formaldehyde in water which is usually used as a disinfectant or to preserve biological specimens. Thus, it is not for food preservatives. Of course when it is used for food preservative, it will be very dangerous to human’s body.

The second reason is that there is no tight control from the government. This condition makes the people’s health is really in a threat. When the control is weak and the use formalin was spread wide all over the Indonesian regions, and these days it has really happened, the citizen's bodies will be badly contaminated with the poisons. Fish or food traders still sell their products which contain formalin and dangerous preservatives. Can you imagine that our digestive system absorbs the substance that should be for the human and animal corpses?

Considering the reasons, we can make a conclusion that the use of formalin and other preservatives is really a serious problem if it is not resolved immediately.  
7. Why is formalin dangerous for human`s body?
    A. It is not food preservatives
    B. It is a disinfectant for human beings
    C. It is used to preserve biological specimens
    D. It is 10% solution of formaldehyde in water
    E. It is controlled flighty from the government 

8. The main idea of paragraph two is ....
    A. The human`s bodies will be harmful after consuming the formalin
    B. The government has not controlled the use of formalin firmly
    C. The weak control of using formalin is not threatening the human
    D. The human`s bodies will be harmful after consuming the formalin
    E. The use of formalin is known all over the regions

9. Based on the facts above, the writer suggest that ... .
    A. People have to avoid consuming formalin in their food
    B. The use of formal dehyde is necessary to control the food
    C. People should add 100% solution of formaldehyde in water
    D. The food preservative is required to make the food delicious
    E. Food seller is supposed to pour formalin for vegetables and food products

10. What is the generic structure of the text?
    A. Arguments-Recommendation-Thesis
    B. Thesis-Argument-Recommendation
    C. Thesis-Argument-Reiteration
    D. Thesis-Supporting Points-Contrasting Points-Reiteration
    E. Reiteration-Arguments-Thesis


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