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20 Soal Bahasa Inggris Present Simple and Adverbs Of Frequency - 20 Soal Bahasa Inggris Present Simple and Adverbs Of Frequency. Dalam Present Simple, kita sering menggunakan kata keterangan frekuensi untuk mengatakan 'seberapa sering' kita melakukan sesuatu. Berikut adalah daftarAdverbs Of Frequency yang umum: always, frequently, generally, hardly ever, infrequently, never, normally, occasionally, often, rarely, regularly, seldom, sometimes, usually . Untuk lebih jelasnya mari kita simak kumpulan Soal Bahasa Inggris tentang Present Simple and Adverbs Of Frequency.

Hi, I'm Julie and my best friend is Hanna, we are always together. We are 13 years old and we are in the same class. Hanna lives in the same street as me and we like to walk together. When we have a break in school, we often play games and sometimes we have lunch. We always go home together and talk about our hobbies. When I am doing my homework and I don't understand a question, I often call Hanna for help and we do it together. When we finish our homework we always talk. We never go to sleep without talking.

At the weekends, we usually go to the shopping-mall, Hanna always wants to go shopping but I sometimes want to go to the cinema. We plan our day together and we never quarrel. On Saturdays, we watch films, we usually eat pizza and rarely eat popcorn.

We like to wear beautiful clothes, jeans and T-shirts, pretty dresses or skirts. When I want to wea jeans, I often ask Hanna to give me her T-shirt because she has got really cool clothes. And I sometimes give her my dresses. Hanna has an interesting hobby. She likes to take photos. She has got many beautiful pictures and she collects them on her computer. 

I have a hobby too. I write poems and I think my poems are good. I read them to my parents and friends and they love my poems.

A. Read the text first, choose the following statements True or False!
1. Hanna and Julie are cousins.
2. They are 13 years old.
3. Hanna lives in the same street.
4. They go to different schools.
5. On Mondays, they usually go to the mall.
6. They often quarrel.
7. Hanna doesn't give her clothes to Julie.
8. They have interesting hobbies.
9. Julie's hobby is to take photos.
10. They usually eat pizza and rarely eat popcorn.
B. Write always, usually, often, sometimes, rarely, never.
1.We are _________ together.
2. When we have break in school, we _______ have lunch.
3. In school, we _________ play skipping.
4. We _________ go to sleep without talking.
5. We _________ quarrel.
6. I ________ take Hanna’s T-shirts.
7. I _________ give her my dresses.
8. We ________ eat popcorn on Saturdays.
9. At the weekends, we _______ go to the shopping-mall.
10. We _________ eat pizzas on Saturdays.


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