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Expressing Surprise and Disbelief Beserta Contoh Soal Terlengkap - Expressing Surprise and Disbelief Beserta Contoh Soal Terlengkap. Expressing Surprise adalah ungkapan yang digunakan untuk menyatakan rasa kaget atau terkejut terhadap seseorang atau sesuatu hal yang sedang didengar. Expressing Disbelief adalah yang digunakan untuk menyatakan ketidak percayaan terhadap kenyataan atau sesuatu yang telah terjadi. Di dalam kehidupan sehari-hari pasti kita akan menemukan suatu kondisi dimana kita merasa terkejut dan tidak percaya terhadap suatu berita yang sedang kita dengar. Rasa terkejut dan tidak percaya tersebut biasanya kita ungkapkan dengan berbagai bentuk, bisa dengan sikap dan juga perkataan. Berikut ini saya akan berbagi beberapa expression yang digunakan ketika kita merasa Surprise and Disbelief terhadap suatu hal.

Expressing Surprise

Wow! What a surprise!
That’s a surprise!
That’s very surprising!
My goodness.
Are you serious? You must be joking!
You’re kidding!
Fancy that!
I must say it surprises me.
I find it hard to believe
I find that very surprising.
I find it extraordinary.
How very surprising.
Well I never! / Blimey!
That's the last thing I expected
I don't believe it! / Are you serious?
I'm speechless!
I'd never have guessed.
You don't say!

Expressing Disbelief

I don’t believe it.
That can’t be.
It can’t be true.
I can’t think of it.
I don’t trust you.
No, I don’t believe it.
Oh, no!
Are you serious?
Are you joking?
Are you kidding?
You are kidding, Are you serious?
You must be joking/kidding!
Oh, no! that’s not true!
ou don’t say!
Seeing is believing.
Really? That sounds interesting.
Really? It’s surprising that.
Good heavens
My goodness!
This is really a surprise!
I find this hard to believe
That’s unbelievable!
Good heavens.
Fancy that.


It is!
It’s true.
I’m serious.
No, I’m not.
It is.
Does it?
It is, isn’t it?

Ronald: Hey Ronnie! I heard you got into Harvard.
Ronnie: Yes, I did.
Ronald: Wow, man! That’s awesome!
Ronnie: It is, isn’t it? But I studied real hard for my achievement.
Ronald: So when are you leaving?
Ronnie: I guess next week. I already rented an apartment there.
Ronald: Are you kidding me? Why so hurry?
Ronnie: Yeah! I have a lot to deal with when I get there.
Ronald: All by yourself?
Ronnie: Yup! I’ve been saving for this for a long time.
Ronald: You’re unbelievable! I need some time for following you too.
Ronnie: I hope you too.

Ronald: Hey Ronnie! Saya mendengar kamu masuk ke Harvard.
Ronnie: Ya, saya benar.
Ronald: Wow, keren man! Itu mengagumkan!
Ronnie: Hal ini, bukan? Tapi saya belajar sangat keras untuk pencapaian itu.
Ronald: Jadi, kapan kamu berangkat?
Ronnie: Saya kira minggu depan. Saya sudah menyewa sebuah apartemen di sana.
Ronald: Apakah kamu bercanda? Mengapa begitu terburu-buru?
Ronnie: Yeah! Saya memiliki banyak urusan ketika saya sampai di sana.
Ronald: Semua sendiri?
Ronnie: Yup! Aku sudah menabung untuk ini untuk waktu yang lama.
Ronald: Kamu luar biasa! saya butuh waktu untuk mengikuti kamu juga.
Ronnie: Saya harap kamu juga.

Contoh Percakapan 1
Ronald: Hello, Enda. By the way, what are you doing?
Mark: I am writing a story. It is one of my hobies. What’s wrong?
Ronald: I've a good news for you. Guess what?
Mark: I don't know, come on tell me!
Ronald: Ronnie got into Harvard.
Mark: I don’t believe it. Really?
Ronald: Yeah. He’s moving next week.
Mark: Is he staying at the dorm?
Ronald: No. He’ll be staying in a rented apartment.
Mark: I can’t think of it, man. he's just a regular student.
Ronald: Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover.
Mark: Upps... Sorry.
Ronald: Maybe he could scholarships.
Mark: That’s fantastic, I'm proud of him.

Contoh Percakapan 2
Azy: What are you doing here?
Sam: Nothing.
Azy: Come on, you look so sad, What's Going On?
Sam: I will never get married.
Azy: Really? why?
Sam: I hate all women. They are all just same.
Azy: You must be kidding me. You said that you would get married next month.
Sam: I did. But it’s all over now. My last fiance left me due to another man.
Azy: That’s unbelievable! She loves you. I think you are best couple.
Sam: The men more handsome and well established than me.
Azy: I’m sorry to hear that, but life goes on, you have to forget him and find another kind women.

Exercise: Answer the following questions!
Complete the dialogue below (for questions number 1 and 2)
Nely : Hi, Diny. Where is Johan now? I have not seen him for three days.
Diny : Have you known that Johan is sick? He got fever. He has been hospitalized.
Nely : Are you sure? You must be kidding me. I called him yesterday.
Diny : Yes I was in the hospital when you called him yesterday
Nely : Oh, Really? I never realize it.
1. What happens with Johan?
A. Johan treated in hospital because he got fever
B. Johan is staying at home
C. Nely was sick, she has been hospitalized
D. Diny got fever, she has been hospitalized
E. Johan called Nely because he got sick

2. The underlined expression expresses ....
A. Expressing satisfaction
B. Expressing dissatisfaction
C. Expressing like
D. Expressing dislike
E. Expressing surprise

Jack : Whose motorbike is that?
Dany : It is David’s.
Jack : _________________.
Dany : No, I’m not. I saw him riding that motorbike this morning.
Jack : What a surprise!
3. The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is …
A. It’s true.
B. I’m serious.
C. Are you kidding me?
D. Do you know about that?
E. I'm really glad to know

Complete the dialogue below (for questions number 4 and 5)
Danish : Your hand is bleeding, what happen with you?
Bryan : I was on my way home with my mother, then a truck hit my car from behind.
Danish : What? Oh, my god! is your mother ok?
Bryan : Her forehead hit dashboard of my car, but she is fine now, because I always bring balm oil in my first aid box. I have smeared with it.
4. From the dialogue we know that ...
A. Danish got accident
B. Danish and his mother got accident
C. Bryan got accident
D. Bryan and his mother got accident
E. Bryan and Danish were hit by a truck

5. The underlined word has similar meaning with ...
A. Berated
B. Anointed
C. Cleaned
D. Collected
E. Derogated


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