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18 Soal Bahasa Inggris Describing People - 18 Soal Bahasa Inggris Describing People. Describing People seacara singkat dapat diartikan juga mendeskripsikan orang dalam bahasa Inggris. Contoh Describing People adalah "Sarah is a 11-year-old girl. She has long, brown, wavy hair. She is beautiful". Untuk lebih jelasnya mari kita simak kumpulan Soal Bahasa Inggris tentang Describing People.

This is Stella Hanks! She is ten years old. She has got long brown hair. And she lives with her mum and dad and her 2 brothers. My mother's name is Laura and my father's is Peter. My mother has got blond hair and she is very short. My father is tall and thin. He has got short dark hair. My parents have got three children. There's my baby brother Tim, my brother David and me. Tim has got blue eyes! He is very young. He is only two years old. My brother, David, is fifteen. He is tall and fat. We have got a pet called "Pirate, he is my favourite dog! I love my family and my pet.

A. Read the text first, choose the following statements True or False!
1. Stella is a woman.
2. She has got long hair.
3. Laura is short.
4. Peter has got long dark hair.
5. Tim is a baby.
6. David has got blue eyes.
7. David is old.
8. David is fifteen.

She is Grace. She is 13 years old. She is a girl student. She is about 115 ems tall. She is slim. She has 35 kgs weight. She is beautiful. She has oval face. She has light skin. She has black eyes. She has pointed nose. She has wide chin and wide lips. She has long wavy hair. She has small ears. She has sparse eyebrows. She is diligent, aggressive, smart and generous student.

B. Answer the questions based on the text.
1. Who is she?
2. How old is she?
3. How height is she?
4. How is her weight?
5. She has _________ Face
6. How is her hair?
7. How is her ears?
8. What is she like?


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