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123 Cara Lain Mengucapkan 'I Love You' - 123 Cara Lain Mengucapkan 'I Love You'. I Love You adalah salah satu ungkapan yang bisa digunakan untuk menunjukkan rasa kasih sayang atau cinta kepada orang lain, I Love You atau Saya Cinta Kamu ini sering kita ucapkan ketika kita suka, sayang atau memiliki perasaan berlebih kepada seseorang. Dalam mengungkapkan I Love You, ada beberapa kata lain yang bisa kita gunakan selain itu. Untuk membantu meningkatkan keterampilan kita dalam melafalkan bahasa Inggris, penting untuk kita memperkaya kosakata bahasa Inggris dari berbagai sumber. Dalam pelajaran bahasa Inggris kali ini Anda akan belajar beberapa alternatif kata lain yang bisa digunakan sebagai pengganti kata 'I Love You'. Untuk lebih jelasnya mari kita simak 123 Alternatif Dari Kata I Love You. Semoga 123 Kata Bahasa Inggris Pengganti 'I Love You' ini bermanfaat..

No 123 Ways to Say I Love You
1 I value you
2 I want you
3 I’m fond of you
4 You’re my sunshine
5 You’re perfect
6 I must have you
7 I adore you so much
8 I cherish you
9 I dream of you
10 I’m in love with you
11 I’m mad about you
12 My love is unconditional
13 You are the reason I’m alive
14 You’re priceless
15 I’m addicted to you
16 You are precious
17 I’m crazy about you
18 I’m thankful for you
19 I’ve got a crush on you
20 You are my treasure
21 I’m drawn to you
22 You are my world
23 I live for our love
24 You’re the best
25 You’re my lover
26 You’re my angel
27 I yearn for you
28 You are my one and only
29 You are the light of my life
30 I care for you deeply
31 I am infatuated with you
32 I can’t live without you
33 I’m devoted to you
34 I’m nuts about you
35 I think you’re the one
36 I want a lifetime with you
37 I love being around you
38 I need you by my side
39 I’m enamored with you
40 I’m head over heels for you
41 I’m infatuated with you
42 I’m lost without you
43 I’m nothing without you
44 I’m passionate about you
45 I’m under your spell
46 I’ve totally fallen for you
47 My heart calls out for you
48 Take me, I’m yours
49 You’re captivating
50 You’re heavenly
51 There is no other
52 We complete each other
53 You are my crush
54 You are my dear
55 You are my everything
56 You are my strength
57 You complete me
58 You drive me wild
59 You fill my heart
60 You give me wings to fly
61 You had me from hello
62 You inspire me
63 You intoxicate me
64 You light my flame
65 You light up my life
66 You make me hot
67 You motivate me
68 You rock my world
69 You simply amaze me
70 You stole my heart
71 You’re all I want
72 You’re charming
73 You’re enchanting
74 You’re everything to me
75 You’re my happiness
76 You’re my ideal woman
77 You’re my perfect match
78 You’re one in a million
79 You’re special to me
80 You fill me with desire
81 You bring joy to my life
82 You’re the one for me
83 You set my heart on fire
84 I feel something for you
85 You turn me inside out
86 You’ve got what I need
87 You’re a dream come true
88 You’re the light of my life
89 You’re the love of my life
90 You mean so much to me
91 You mean the world to me
92 You’re the miracle of my life
93 I’d like for us to get together
94 I’m physically attracted to you
95 We were meant to be together
96 We’re meant for each other
97 We’re perfect for each other
98 You are a blessing in disguise
99 You are an angel from God
100 You sweeten my sour days
101 You’re a twinkle in my eye
102 You are my reason for living
103 You’re absolutely wonderful
104 You turn my world upside down
105 You turn the darkness into life
106 You’re the reason I’m alive
107 You make me burn with desire
108 You hold the key to my heart
109 You’re as beautiful as a sunset
110 You’re one in a million
111 You can’t deny what’s between us
112 You lift me up to touch the sky
113 I feel affectionate toward you
114 I’m a better person because of you
115 I’m blessed to have you in my life
116 You make my heart skip a beat
117 I think of you as more than a friend
118 You are like a candle burning bright
119 You make my world a better place
120 I’ve had a crush on you for a long time
121 You’re the one I’ve always wished for
122 You bring happiness to my rainy days
123 I love you from the bottom of my heart.


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