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Latihan Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2014 - Latihan: Soal UN SMP 2014 Beserta Pembahasan. Ujian Nasional yang semakin mendekat tentunya membuat kita harus belajar lebih ekstra lagi. Oleh karena itu, pada postingan kali ini saya akan membagikan Latihan beserta Pembahasan Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2014. Saya sengaja membagikan soal-soal UN Bahasa Inggris beserta kunci jawaban, dengan harapan adik-adik kelas 9 SMP yang akan menghadapi UN bisa lebih memahami bentuk-bentuk soal UN sebelumnya. Pembahasan ini juga bisa didownload dalam format PDF. Silahkan Download Pembahasan Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2014.


Pembahasan Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2014

Read the following text to answer question number 1 to 4.
There was a girl named Pina who lived on a fruit plantation with her mother. When her mother worked night and day, little Pina spend all her time playing with her friends. When her mother asked her to do something, she would always reply that she couldn't find things, even if it was laying night in front of her eyes.
One day, her mother fell ill and couldn't even get up to cook some food. So, she asked Pina to cook some rice. However, Pina being her lazy self, said "I can't find the pot. So where should I put the rice?". Her mother told her where the pot was. Then she said, "Where is the ladle, how am I going to cook without a ladle?" Again her sick mother had to tell her the exact location. Pina did the same with salt, rice and water! Enraged by Pina's behavior, her mother curse " May you grow a thousand eyes" and went back to sleep.
When she woke up, she could not find her daughter. She searched and searched and so did every single person on plantation. When Pina's mother saw the fruit, she was immediately reminded of Pina's beautiful brown eyes and thus, the fruit with a thousand eyes was named " Pinya", meaning  Pineapple in Tagalog.
1. The best title for the text is ....
    A. The fruit with thousands of eyes
    B. A lazy girl in plantation
    C. The origin of pineapple
    D. A missing girl

2. What happened to the mother when she realized Pina had gone?
    A. She searched for her
    B. She cursed her
    C. She fell asleep
    D. She got sick

3. What Is the main idea of paragraph two?
    A. Pine's mother was so angry that she cursed her daughter
    B. Pina was too lazy to cook her own food
    C. Pine's mother was terribly ill
    D. Pina was a really bad cook

4. What can we learn from the story?
    A. Don't be lazy
    B. Don't spend your time for playing
    C. Don't angry to your child
    D. Respect and obey your mother

Read the following text to answer questions number 5 to 9.
Tabuik Ceremony is a traditional on the west coast of west Sumatra, Indonesia, especially in Pariaman.It is held at the Asura day which falls on the 10th of Muharram of the Islamic calendar. In Bengkulu it was known as Tabot. Tabuik is the made of bamboo, rattan, and paper. During the week of Tabuik, many activities are held including kite race and other traditional activities. Tabuik is also a term used to refer to the high funeral biers carried around during the remembrance procession.. On the appointed day, all participants of the ceremony gather in the centre of the city.All government officials also attended his colossal ceremony in the west Sumatra.

One Tabuik was carried by 40 people. Behind Tabuik, a group of people wearing traditional clothes carry various of percussion stop, dozens of people perform martial arts accompanied by Minang Tetabuhan.

The sunset marks the end of the procession the Tabuik was the bought to a shore and then floated out to sea. This is conducted as they believe that throwing Tabuik into the sea will dispose of bad luck.
5. What is the text about?
    A. West Sumatra martial arts
    B. Tabuik ceremony in West Sumatra
    C. Islamic ceremony In West Sumatra
    D. A traditional ceremonies during Asura

6. What is the main idea of paragraph three?
    A. Tabuik ceremony is a traditional from the west Sumatra
    B. The Tabuik will dispose bad luck if thrown to the sea
    C. People wear traditional dress during the ceremony
    D. The Tabuik ceremony is ended when the sun set

7. Where is Tabuik come from?
    A. Minangkabau
    B. Pariaman
    C. Bengkulu
    D. West Coast

8. Why must Tabuik be thrown into the sea?
    A. To symbolize the end of the ceremony
    B. To show that the ceremony Is over
    C. To mark the disposal of bad luck
    D. To complete the procession

9. What is the purpose of the text?
    A. To describe Tabuik ceremony
    B. To understand Minangkabau culture
    C. To explain the procession of throwing Tabuik
    D. To give information about the local traditional on West Sumatra

Read the following text to answer questions number 10 and 11.

NatragiustTM is a powerful food source consisting of a wide variety of premium ingredients which work together to provide a variety of health benefits. Each serving contains equivalent of more that 6 vegetables and fruits, with an ORAC value of 4.000 Additionally, NataBurstTNI help support lean muscle mass with its concentration of high quality protein.
• Increase energy
• Reduce appetite
• Promote Fat Loss
• Anti.Aging
• Promote Healthy Skin
10. What's the benefit of consuming NatraBurst?
    A. Increase appetite
    B. Decrease energy
    C. Promote fat loss
    D. Promote healthy hair

11. The purpose of the text is ....
    A. To warn the reader the danger of the product
    B. To describe the composition of the product
    C. To persuade people to consume the product
    D. To tell the reader how to use the product

Read the following text to answer question number 12 to 14.
A Trip to Malino

On sunday, Iwan and anni got up at six in the morning.They were going to go to malino. They ... (12) ... home at half past six. They go to Malino at ten, it took three and a half hours to get threre. They stopped at pine forest to have a rest and ate roasted corns. After that they continued their ... (13) ... to Takapala waterfall. At 12 o'clock they arrived there and had lunch in one of the restsurants around the location. After that they took a bath under the waterfall. The water was very cold, but they enjoyed the moment ... (14) ...
    A. Left
    B. Saw
    C. Went
    D. Built

    A. Way
    B. Street
    C. Activity
    D. Journey

    A. Busily
    B. Angrily
    C. Happily
    D. Patiently

Arrange the following words into a correct sentence.
the match
The correct arrangement is ....
    A. 5 – 8 – 6 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 7
    B. 5 – 6 – 4 – 1 – 7 – 2 – 3 – 8
    C. 5 – 2 – 6 – 4 – 8 – 7 – 3 – 1
    D. 5 – 3 – 8 – 1 – 7 – 2 – 6 – 4

Arrange the following words into a correct sentence.
The correct arrangement is ....
    A. 8 – 6 – 1 – 9 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 4 – 7
    B. 8 – 1 – 9 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 4 – 7 – 6
    C. 2 – 3 – 5 – 4 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 1
    D. 2 – 5 – 4 – 9 – 3 – 7 – 8 – 6 – 1

Arrange the following words into a correct sentence.
The e-mail
went off
the computer
The correct arrangement is ....
    A. 4 – 6 – 2 – 5 – 7 – 3 – 8 – 1
    B. 4 – 3 – 6 – 8 – 1 – 5 – 7 – 2
    C. 4 – 3 – 6 – 2 – 5 – 1 – 7 – 8
    D. 4 – 6 – 8 – 5 – 3 – 1 – 7 – 2 

Arrange the following sentences into a correct paragraph.
18.How to make meatballs
1. When they float up to surface the meatballs are ready to be served
2. Boa at least about 2 litters of water in a Large pot
3. Prepare the spices, garlic, shallot. salt, and white pepper. Ground them on a mortar
4. Add a cup of water and use your fingers to smoothen the mixture. Set it aside.
5. Start rolling the mixture to form small meatballs.
6. Put the meatballs into the boiling water
7. Put the spice mixture into a bowl and add eggs, flour, and minced meat.
The correct arrangement is ....
    A. 7 – 3 – 4 – 2 – 5 – 6 – 1
    B. 5 – 7 – 3 – 4 – 1 – 6 – 2
    C. 3 – 7 – 4 – 2 – 5 – 6 – 1
    D. 2 – 3 – 7 – 4 – 5 – 1 – 6 

Arrange the following sentences into a correct paragraph.
19.1. Double click add/remove programs
2. Click next to install the program
3. Then open start menu and select setting. then control panel
4. Note! That most of the time a window will immediately appear asking if you want to install the program, click install
5. first, place the floppy disk or CD-Rom containing the program in desire drive.
The correct arrangement is ....
    A. 4 – 5 – 1 – 2 – 3
    B. 4 – 5 – 2 – 1 – 3
    C. 5 – 3 – 1 – 2 – 4
    D. 3 – 2 – 1 – 4 – 5 

Read the following text to answer questions number 20 to 23.
Dear Aldy.

Long time no see, how are you today? I hope you are alright.
Last holiday, my family and I spent one night in the countryside. It is not far from our city and it is not a crowded place. We stayed in a rented wooden house. It was really nice.
At night, we made a small fire in front of the house and sang together. We were very happy. We woke up very late the next morning because we stayed up till after midnight. After lunch my father drove us home.
It was a great holiday. Will you join us next time? See you soon.

Your best friend,

20. The letter tells us about ….
    A. Sandy’s holiday in the countryside
    B. Making a small fire and singing together
    C. Aldy’s favourite place for holiday
    D. A rented wooden house

21. How did Sandy and his family go to the countryside?
    A. By train
    B. By ship
    C. By bus
    D. By car

22. Sandy and his family spent the holiday in the countryside because ….
    A. It was located nearby
    B. They liked crowded place
    C. It was not far from their city
    D. Many people visited the place

23. “Will you join us next time?” What does the word “us” in the sentence refer to?
    A. Aldy and Sandy
    B. Aldy and his friends
    C. Sandy and his family
    D. Sandy and his friends

Read the following text to answer questions number 24 and 25.

Date : 16 November 2013
Fees : Rp. 25,000 (meal & certificate)
Time :9.00 a.m. - 5 00 p.m
Go global with blogging. It's time to put your talents and creativity into practice. It's a high time to expand your network. Join the workshop and you'll get step by step tutorial on how to start your own blog site for free. You will get hands on experience to design your blog & fill your blog with appropriate contents and decorate It with pleasant layout and images. By the end of the workshop, you will have the skills to create your own blog. Apart from that, you will also get some tips on how to earn from blogging.

Seats are limited to 50 students. First come, first served. Register online at 
24. What skill will the participants have after they complete the training?
    A. Register and study online at
    B. Make a clear, detailed, and interesting, step by step blog tutorial
    C. Create a blog with appropriate contents, pleasant layout, and images
    D. Call the person in charge for the further information with correct number

25. "... fill it with appropriate contents ..." The word appropriate in the text has closest meaning to...
    A. Capable
    B. Suitable
    C. Probable
    D. Remarkable

Read the following text to answer questions number 26 to 28.

To : all students of SMP Bunga Matahari

To celebrate the school anniversary on November 16, 2013 and as a chance for students to perform their talent and creativities, OSIS will hold some competitions. They are futsal match, basketball match, singing contest, speech contest, and classroom contest. The competition will be held on:
Date : 5-9 November 2013
Time : 08.00 – 12.00
Venue : School hall and school yard.

The first day is futsal match. The second day is basketball match. The third day is singing contest, the fourth day is speech contest and the classroom contest will be on the last day. Every class should join them. The winners of the competition will receive the prizes on the anniversary day.

Further information please contact Yeyen, The OSIS secretary .

The head of OSIS

26. When will the singing contest be held?
    A. November 5th 2013
    B. November 6th 2013
    C. November 7th 2013
    D. November 8th 2013

27. The activities are meant as ….
    A. OSIS anniversary celebration
    B. Students and teachers activities
    C. Students’ talent and creativity performance
    D. Entertainments for all teachers and students

28. “Every class should join them.” The underlined word refer to?
    A. Prizes
    B. Students
    C. Winners
    D. Competitions

Read the following text to answer questions number 29 to 31.
Two – day camp for students

Friday, Dec 27, 2013
06.00: Gather in Schoolyard
06.15: Get on the bus
11.00: Arrive at the venue
13.00: Build tents
15.00: Break
16.00: Participate introduction
17.30: Free time
19.00: Dinner
20.00: Play games
21.00: Have a rest

Saturday, Dec 28, 2013
04.30: Subuh Prayer
05.00: Morning exercises
07.00: Shower time and breakfast
08.00: Mountain Climbing
11.00: Return to camp site
12.00: Lunch
13.00: Play games
15.00: Closing Ceremony
17.00: Going Home

1. This camping programme is supervised by experienced outbound trainers
2. Every participant must follow the schedule
3. In case of bad weather, Villas are provided near the camp area.
29. What is the purpose of the text?
    A. To inform the trainers’ time table
    B. To guide students in their activities
    C. To warn the students about bad weather
    D. To compare it with other camping schedule

30. What will they do if there is a bad weather?
    A. The trainer will guide the participants
    B. Campers will move to the nearby villas
    C. Committee will send the students home
    D. Participants should always follow the schedule

31. “This camping programme is supervised by…“ What does the underlined word mean?
    A. Monitored
    B. Continued
    C. Suggested
    D. Suspected

Read the following text to answer questions number 32 to 35.
1. Make sure that the power cord is firmly connected to the back of the CPU and connected to electricity source.
2. Connect the monitor cable to the back of the CPU.
3. Connect the keyboard and mouse cords to the back panel of the CPU, too.
4. Press the power button located on the front panel of the CPU. The desktop will start a booting process in your computer.
5. When you finish using the computer, click the "Start" button and choose the "Turn off computer" option. This will display the options to "Stand by", "Restart" or "Turn Off" the computer.
32. The text above tells you about .... a computer.
    A. Building
    B. Operating
    C. Turning off
    D. Using keyboard on

33. What should you do be before connecting the mouse cord to the CPU?
    A. Connect the monitor cable to the back of the CPU
    B. Press the power button located on the front panel
    C. Connect the power cord to the electricity source
    D. Click "Start" button or restart the computer

34. "... the power cord is firmly connected..." (step 1) The underlined word has the same meaning as the word ....
    A. Fairly
    B. Tightly
    C. Faithfully
    D. Steadily

35. "This will display the options ... "(step 5) The underlined word refers to ....
    A. Clicking "Turn off"
    B. Pressing the power
    C. Clicking "Start" button
    D. Connecting a cable

Read the following text to answer questions number 36 to 38.
Garuda Muda Junior High School holds an annual event called GM-EFC. It stands for Garuda Muda Event for Friendship and Creativity. It is held in September every year.

This Year is the third time for the school to hold the event. The students and the teachers are working hard together to make the program successful. The event is aimed to give a chance for all junior high school students in the city to perform their talents .and skills.

There are various programs held in this event, such as group band competition, culinary fair, book fair, sport festival, and handicraft bazaar. Usually, every school participates in the event. It may compete in the band competition or sport festival. some of the schools join the fairs, while some others just come as guests and enjoy the programs.

Among the programs, the band competition is the students, favorite. Almost all schools send their delegates to compete for the best group band in the city. Most of the contestants perform the latest songs and they do it really well. As a result, it is always hard for the jury to decide the winners.
36. How often does the school hold GM-EFC?
    A. Every year
    B. Every month
    C. Every two years
    D. Every three years

37. The purpose of the text is ....
    A. To describe the event in general
    B. To describe GM-EFC to readers
    C. To show that the school is active
    D. To inform people about school activities

38. What program attracts most participants?
    A. Book Fair
    B. Handicraft
    C. Culinary Fair
    D. Band Competition

Read the following text to answer questions number 39 to 42.
I have a pet. It is a dog and I call it Snowy. Snowy is a Chinese breed. It is small, fluffy and cute. It has thick white fur. When I cuddle it, the fur feels soft. Snowy does not like bones. Everyday it eats soft food like steamed rice, fish or bread. Every morning I give her milk and bread. When I am at school, Snowy plays with my cat. They get along well and never fight; maybe because Snowy does not bark a lot. It treats the other animals in our house gently, and it never bites shoes.

We always spend time together at home. We do many activities: playing balls, hide and seek, or racing in the backyard. In the afternoon, I usually take him for a walk. People love to see Snowy. Snowy is really a sweet and friendly pet.
39. What is the topic of the story?
    A. A friendship between a cat and a dog
    B. Spending time with a pet inside and outside the house
    C. A friendly and sweet dog
    D. A friendship between a pet and its owner

40. The main topic of paragraph two is ....
    A. The writer's activities with his/her pet
    B. Everybody loves to walk with Snowy
    C. Snowy is a cute and friendly dog
    D. Snowy always plays with the cat

41. Where does the writer usually spend the time with his pet?
    A. In the neighborhood
    B. On the street
    C. At school
    D. At home

42. What activity does the writer do after school with his pet?
    A. Cuddle it softly
    B. Take it for a walk
    C. Give it milk
    D. Let it play with the cat

Read the following text to answer questions number 43 to 45.
My Bedroom

My bedroom ‘s ... (43) ... ti's about four meters long and three wide. There is a bed across the door. A desk and a chair stand near window. On the corners, stand three doors wooden cupboard to ... (44) ... all of my stuff and my clothes. On the centre of the ceiling, a twenty wan spiral lamp gives enough light for the entire of the room and function as a reading lamp as well. I really thanked to my father who designed room because I have enough space and I stay ... (45) ... in it.
    A. Fabulous
    B. Spacious
    C. Hazardous
    D. Tremendous

    A. Keep
    B. Reach
    C. Move
    D. Share

    A. Comfortably
    B. Awkwardly
    C. Clumsy
    D. Quietly

Read the following text to answer question number 46.
46. What is the text about?
    A. A warning at a zoo
    B. A notice for the visitor
    C. A prohibition to feed the animals
    D. A suggestion to feed the animals 

Read the following text to answer questions number 47 and 48.

Congratulations on your success in winning the speech contest this year. It was a very tough competition. We are so proud of you. We knew you would make it. We with you the best always.

Students of VIII D 
47. What is the purpose of the text above?
    A. To congratulate someone on his birthday
    B. To congratulate someone on his success
    C. To inform someone that he was the winner
    D. To describe someone's success in the contest

48. What do the students of VIII D say to compliment their friend?
    A. It was a very tough competition
    B. Winning the speech contest this year
    C. We are so proud of you
    D. We wish you the best always

Read the following text to answer questions number 49 and 50.
To: Dania

Don’t forget to join us in the English Club meeting this evening. We’re going to discuss our plan to celebrate our school anniversary. Mia, Nury, Arief, Panji and Gadis will he there too. Please, be punctual.

See you there.

49. Whom is the message addressed to?
    A. Nury
    B. Panji
    C. Dania
    D. Dimas

50. The purpose of the text is to ….
    A. Realize the plan
    B. Arrange the agenda
    C. Remind Dania of the meeting
    D. Celebrate the school anniversary


Pembahasan Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2014 

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