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Soal Bahasa Inggris Persiapan UN SMA 2016 (Part 3) - Soal Bahasa Inggris Persiapan UN SMA 2016 (Part 3). Ujian Nasional biasa disingkat UN / UNAS adalah sistem evaluasi standar pendidikan dasar dan menengah secara nasional dan persamaan mutu tingkat pendidikan antar daerah yang dilakukan oleh Pusat Penilaian Pendidikan. Sebagai usaha persiapan menjelang Ujian Nasional, saya telah menyedikan beberapa soal untuk adek-adek yang sedang melaksanakan UN. Soal Bahasa Inggris Persiapan UN SMA 2016 (Part 1) dan Soal Bahasa Inggris Persiapan UN SMA 2016 (Part 2) bisa anda klik pada tombol paling bawah. Semoga soal-soal di bawah ini dapat membantu dalam belajarnya.

The text for questions number 1 to 3
You don't have to be a nature lover to be "green." A new survey suggests that Americans' attitudes about protecting the environment aren't just linked to their love of the great outdoors.

Turns out, religion and politics might be strongly tied to how people perceive environmental issues, according to the survey of 1,500 Americans who answered questions about their interactions with the natural world, their religious and political beliefs and their stance on environmental issues, such as global warming.

Based on the answers, the researchers created nine distinct profiles, or "shades" of green: Only 10 percent of Americans fall into the group that the researchers labeled "outdoor greens." This group consists of staunch environmentalists who also spend a lot of time enjoying nature. For these folks, a strong appreciation for the natural world seems to be the motivating factor behind their support of environmentalist ideas.

1. How does the author say Americans’ attitude are not linked to their love the great outdoors?
A. By holding a survey of 1,500 Americans
B. By questioning many religious leaders and political figures
C. By interacting with the naturalists
D. By discussing among the researchers
E. By interviewing people perceiving environmental issues

2. From the text, it is implied that ___.
A. Americans’ attitude about protecting the environment are connected to their love of nature
B. Americans’ attitude about protecting the environment are influenced by religion and politics
C. Environmentalists have no strong appreciation to support environmental issues
D. We have to be naturalist to protect our environment
E. Religious leaders and political figures have an important role to appreciate for the nature

3. The underlined and bold word in the second paragraph can be replaced by ___.
A. Obscure
B. Dim out
C. Understand
D. Ignore
E. Avoid

The text is for questions 4 to 9
An elephant is the largest and strongest of all animals. It is a strange looking animal with its thick legs, huge sides and backs, large hanging ears, a small tail, little eyes, long white tusks and above all it has a long nose, the trunk.

The trunk is the elephant’s peculiar feature, and it has various uses. The elephant draws up water by its trunk and can squirt it all over its body like a shower bath. It can also lift leaves and puts them, into its mouth. In fact the trunk serves the elephant as a long arm and hand. An elephant looks very-clumsy and heavy and yet it can move very quickly.

The elephant is a very intelligent animal. Its intelligence combined with its great strength makes it a very useful servant to man and it can be trained to serve in various ways such as carry heavy loads, hunt for tigers and even fight.

4. The third paragraph is mainly about the fact that …
A. elephants are strong
B. elephants can lift logs
C. elephants are servants
D. elephants are very useful
E. elephants must be trained

5. Which of the following is NOT part of the elephant described in the first paragraph?
A. It looks strange.
B. It is heavy.
C. It is wild.
D. It has a trunk.
E. It has a small tail.

6. It is stated in the text that the elephant uses the trunk to do the following, EXCEPT
A. to eat
B. to push
C. to drink
D. to carry things
E. to squirt water over the body

7. “The trunk is the elephant’s peculiar feature …” (Paragraph 2)
The underlined word is close in meaning to …
A. large
B. strange
C. tough
D. smooth
E. long

Arrange these jumbled sentences into a good text.  
1. You can make instant noodles with the help of microwave
2. Finally, add any items that you want and serve the noodles
3. First, fill the bowl with 2 cups of water and the noodle
4. Microwave it for about three to five minutes.
5. Then, take noodles out of the microwave and pour the seasonings
6. After the microwave beeps, wait for three minutes in the closed microwave
7. Next, stir the noodles until the seasonings dissolve.
The best arrangement of the sentences above is . .
A. 1-7-5-6-2-4-3
B. 1-3-4-6-5-7-2
C. 1-2-7-3-6-5-4
D. 1-4-7-5-2-6-3
E. 1-4-6-5-2-3-7

Arrange these jumbled sentences into a good text.
1. I went on many rides.
2. Recently, I went to Disneyland in Los Angeles.
3. It went very fast and I got a little wet.
4. My favorite ride was Splash Mountain.
5. I really had a wonderful time there.
6. I also enjoyed Tom Sawyer's Island.
7. We went there through a hanging bridge and walked through caves.

9. The correct arrangement is ....
A. 2-1-3-4-6-5-7           
B. 2-3-1-4-5-6-7
C. 2-1-5-3-6-4-7           
D. 2-5-1-4-3-6-7
E. 2-6-5-7-3-4-1

Arrange these jumbled sentences into a good text.
1. The other sons tried and were also unsuccessful.
2. A father had a family of sons who were always fighting.
3. He took the sticks and gave them to his eldest son and asked him to break them.
4. He told his sons to bring him a bunch of sticks.
5. The eldest son tried with all his strength but was not able to do it.
6. He had no luck trying to stop their arguments with words, so he decided to teach them a lesson.
7. The father said, "My sons, if you are of one mind, and unite to assist each other, you will be like
 these sticks together; but if you are divided among yourselves, you will be broken as easily as a single stick."

10. The best arrangement is ...
A. 2-7-4-3-5-1-6
B. 2-7-6-4-3-5-1
C. 2-6-4-3-5-1-7
D. 7-6-4-3-5-1-2
E. 7-2-6-4-3-5-1

The text is for questions 11 to 14
Reading the three plots of Marry Higgins Clark in All Through the Night concern a stolen gold ornamental cup, a missing baby, and a will which seems to be deceitful. To solve the mystery, she revives her beloved characters; Alvirah, the former cleaning woman; and Willy Meeham, the plumber who won the lottery. They left their life in Jackson Heights, Queens, for an apartment on Central Park. The two have fun along the way solving the puzzle.

The pace is swift and the story is pure escape - totally fun Mary Higgins Clark. I admit, however, that l am still trying to know what melody of the song "All Through the Night" sounds like.

This holiday season, put aside your chores and curl up on couch with All Through the Night. When you close it you will be relaxed and more ready to enjoy the festivities. And then you might just want to tuck a copy into someone's stocking or gift bag, as well.

11. What is the writer's suggestion for the holiday season?
A. Left your life for an apartment in Central Park
B. Put aside your chores and read the novel
C. Tuck a stocking into someone's gift bag
D. Stole a gold ornament and he deceitful
E. Have fun and solve some puzzles

12. What intrigues the writer about All Through the Night?
A. lt made her curl up on couch all day
B. It made her ready for any festivities during holiday
C. She didn”t know the melody of the song in the book
D. She wanted to escape every time she read the book
E. She closed it and got relax

13. In the first paragraph, the reviewer ....
A. Introduces the Marry Higgins Clark
B. Analyzes the three plots in the story
C. Mainly discusses about Alvirah
D. Is solving all of the mystery
E. Summarizes the characters

14.“ The pace is swift and the story .....”
The underlined word can be replaced with ….
A. Slow
B. Rapid
C. Inferior
D. Sedate
E. Infected

The text is for questions number 15 to 18
The Tortoise and the Bird
"What a shabby house you have," said Tortoise to Bird. "It's made of sticks, it has no roof, and you had to build it (15) ..... Compared to my shell - which is my house - it's rather pathetic."

"It's true," said Bird, "that I built my nest myself, that the building materials are rather crude, and that it's open to the elements. Yet I like it."

"I suppose it's no worse than any other nest," said Tortoise. "Still, you must be rather (16) ..... of my house."

"To the contrary," said Bird. "Unlike your shell, there's room in my nest for family and friends. So I (17) ..... that while you may have the better house, I have the better home."

15. A. Yourself
      B. Yourselves
      C. Themselves
      D. Ourselves
      E. Itself

16. A. Proud
      B. Fond
      C. Boastful
      D. Jealous
      E. Scared

17. A. Daydream
      B. Demand
      C. Believe
      D. Recall
      E. Daresay

How to make a French toast

You are going to need:

4 pieces of bread
1 spoon of sugar
2 eggs
A quarter of a cup of milk

Before you start to cook, you have to read the recipe.
Now you can get ready. After you read the recipe, put everything on the counter.
When everything is ready, break the eggs, pour a quarter of the milk in the bowl, then add a small spoon of sugar. Mix the eggs, milk and sugar.
Next, put a piece of bread in the bowl with the eggs, milk and sugar. Turn over the bread.
Now, put some butter in the pan. Turn on the stove. When the pan is hot, take the bread out of the bowl and put it into the pan. After you cook one side of the bread, cook the other side.
After you finish the first place of the bread, cook the other pieces. Now you have French toast!

18. Who is the text better addressed to?
A. An expert chef
B. A student learning at home
C. A husband left by his wife
D. A mother at home
E. A boy/girl left by his /her mother

19. What is the Generic Structure of the text?
A. Goal – Equipment – Steps
B. Goal – Materials – Resolution
C. Goal – Materials – Steps
D. Goal – Ingredients – Resolution
E. Goal – Steps – Ingredients

20. “You are going to need” The expression and what it follows belong to …..
A. Event
B. Steps
C. Materials
D. Purpose
E. Orientation

Lihat Kunci Jawaban

1. A
2. B
3. C
4. D
5. C
6. B
7. B
8. B
9. A
10. C
11. B
12. C
13. B
14. B
15. A
16. D
17. E
18. D
19. C
20. C

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