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Latihan Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMA 2012 - Latihan: Soal UN SMA 2012 Beserta Pembahasan. Ujian Nasional yang semakin mendekat tentunya membuat kita harus belajar lebih ekstra lagi. Oleh karena itu, pada postingan kali ini saya akan membagikan Latihan beserta Pembahasan Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMA 2012. Saya sengaja membagikan soal-soal UN Bahasa Inggris beserta kunci jawaban, dengan harapan adik-adik kelas 12 SMA yang akan menghadapi UN bisa lebih memahami bentuk-bentuk soal UN sebelumnya. Pembahasan ini juga bisa didownload dalam format PDF. Silahkan Download Pembahasan Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMA 2012.


Pembahasan Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMA 2012

Latihan soal berikut ini sengaja dimulai dari nomor 16, karena untuk no 1 sampai 15 merupakan bagian Listening. Anda juga bisa mengunjungi laman tersebut dengan mengklik link berikut ini.


Latihan Soal Listening UN Bahasa Inggris SMA 2012

The following text is for question 16.
Dear Mr. Anwar,

We regret to inform you that we are unable to lend you the sum of $ 500 that you have requested, but it is possible to grant you part of the sum. If you are still interested, please contact our main offi ce to arrange an appointment with the assistant manager. He will be happy to discuss the matter further.

Your sincerely

(Lending Officer)
16. Instead of a loan of $500, what alternative is offered by the officer?
     A. An appointment to discuss the offer
     B. A cash of $500
     C. An appointment with the lending officer
     D. A loan of less that $500
     E. An appointment with the assistant manager

The following text is for questions 17 and 18.
ASEAN private companies and its dialogue partner countries are expected to be more actively engaged in the region’s economic integration process, says ASEAN deputy secretary-general Pushpanathan Sundram. “We have provided several channels for ASEAN public officials and private sectors, such as regular consultations and business dialogues with industry associations and business councils from ASEAN and partner countries,” he said during his presentation at the ASEAN Trade Facilitation Forum in Manado, North Sulawesi, on Saturday. He explained that it was important for ASEAN to pay close attention to responses and feedback from the private sector on the implementation of measures stipulated in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) blueprint.

The forum was jointly held by the Indonesian Trade Ministry, the US Mission to ASEAN and the US Agency for Internasional Deevelopment (USAID) on the sidelines of the 43rd ASEAN Economic Ministers’ Meeting (AEMM). Sundram revealed that despite positive progress of the AEC blueprint measure implementation, several challenges remained in place, such as how to ensure a timely implementation of cutting issues such as coordination at national and regional levels,” he said.
17. How can private companies and public officials from ASEAN countries participate in the region’s economic integration process?
     A. By participating in ASEAN Trade Facilitation Forum
     B. Through consultations and dialogues
     C. By paying close attention to responses and feedback from private sectors
     D. Through intensive partnership with partner countries
     E. By conducting meetings and conferences

18. Which ministers of ASEAN countries most probably attended the ASEAN Trade Facilitation Forum?
     A. The Ministers of Foreign Affairs
     B. The Finance Ministers
     C. The Tourism Ministers
     D. The Trade Ministers
     E. The Information Ministers

The following text is for questions 19 and 20.
(Funded by the European Commission)

The ongoing outbreaks of H5N1 Avian Influenza in Indonesia hava had a significant impact. Since August 2003, more than 10 million livestock have been affected and the H5N1 virus has crossed the species barrier resulting in at least 135 confirmed human cases with 110 deaths. Moreover, the potential exists for the H5N1 Avian influenza virus to trigger a human pandemic.

Research on clinical disease, virology and epidemiology of H5N1 in Indonesia is needed to understand the ecology and variability in transmission to human. To foster essential research, WHO requests for proposals that will then be evaluated through a review process. The awards will then be made to competent researchers and institutions focused on research of local scientists and public health professionals.
Areas for research include:
1. Studies of disease ecology, transmission and epidemiology
2. Studies of clinical spectrum and management of disease

Detailed information of call for proposal, include: application and assessment process, assessment criteria and deadline of proposal submission, is attached and available at WHO Indonesia Country Office Web-site.
19. Who are specifically invited to send research proposals?
     A. Scientists and professionals from around the world
     B. Indonesian scientists and public health professionals
     C. Professionals researchers in health sciences
     D. Health institutions in Indonesia
     E. Researchers specializing in H5N1 virus

20. “... for the H5N1 Avian influenza virus to trigger a human pandemic.” (lines 8-9). The underlined word is closest in meaning to ....
     A. To impact
     B. To share
     C. To increase
     D. To immune
     E. To cause

The following text is for questions 21 and 22.
Once, a cap seller was passing through a jungle. He was dead tired and needed to rest. Then, he stopped spread a cloth under a tree. He placed his bag of caps near him and lay down with his cap on his head.

The cap seller had a sound sleep for one hour. When he got up, the fi rst thing he did was to look into his bag. He was startled when he foud all his caps were not there. He was wondering where they could have gone. Indeed, he was greatly puzzled.

When he looked up sky, he was very surprised to see monkeys sitting on the branches of a tree, each wearing a cap on his head. They had evidently done it to imitate him.

He decided to get his caps back by making a humble request to the monkeys. In return, the monkeys only made faces of him. When he began to make gestures, even when he raised his fi st towards them to threaten them, they also imitated him.

At last he hit upon a clever idea. “Monkeys are a great imitator,” he thought. So he took off his own cap and threw it down on the ground. As he had expected, all the monkeys took off the caps threw them down on the ground. Quickly he stood up and collected the caps, put them back into his bag and went away.
21. Why was each monkey wearing a cap on their head?
     A. They liked them
     B. They liked wearing caps
     C. They were imitating the cap seller
     D. They were teasing the cap seller
     E. They had stolen the caps

22. What is the moral value of the text?
     A. Monkeys are clever animals
     B. Put your belongings in a safe place
     C. Kindness must be possessed by everyone
     D. Foolishness is a source of faulty
     E. You have to know who you are talking to

The following text is for questions 23 to 25.
Kapoposang is one of the largest of the Spermonde Islands, around 70 km northwest of Makassar, South Sulawesi. Kapoposang covers an area of around 50.000 hectares and is inhabited by around 100 families. Several other islands, both inhabited and uninhabited, lie near Kapoposang. The larger ones include Papandangan, Kondongbali, Suranti, and Tambakulu.

Kapoposang and the nearby islands were declared a Nature Tourism Park by the Departement of Forestry in 1999. Diving has been an important activity at Kapoposang. There were so few local divers at the time, and because of the distance from other wellknown diving areas in Indonesia, Kapoposang has basically remained a secret.

The best time to visit Kapoposang is between April and November, when the seas are calm, the weather favorable, and the wind less fi erce than in the other months. The trip takes two hours by speedboat; the ocean breezes help to cool your skin in the hot morning sun. As you approach Pulau Kapoposang, you see the deep blue water, which suddenly meets an expanse of coral reefs between extensive shallows with white sands in the seabed. Sea grass also grows lushly near the shore. The sea bed at Kapoposang has a unique composition; near the island are some quite shallow contours, and then suddenly steep underwater cliffs leading to seemingly endless depths. The water is very clear, you can expect underwater visibility of over 15 meters – ideal condition for divers.
23. The text is about ....
     A. Kapoposang and the surrounding islands
     B. Kapoposang as a diving spot
     C. Kapoposang as a very popular tourist spot
     D. Kapoposang as a secret area
     E. Kapoposang and the weather

24. Where is Kapoposang located?
     A. In the Nature Tourism Park of Makassar
     B. Next to Makassar, South Sulawesi
     C. In the Spermonde Islands
     D. Among the big islands near Makassar
     E. Very close, to the north of Spermonde

25. We know from the text that ....
     A. There are very few divers in the island
     B. Hundreds of families live in the island
     C. Kapoposang has a large area of coral reefs
     D. Kapoposang always has good weather
     E. Kapoposang is surrounded by deep blue waters

The following text is for questions 26 and 27.
Jl. Jendral Sudirman 112 – 116
May 21, 2011
PT Internusa
Jl. Gatot Subroto

Dear Sir or Madam:

We are interested in becoming a distributor for your software products in Palembang. Would you please send us your latest catalogs, brochures, and term of agreement? We are hardware company and eager to add software products to our sales offering. Our report is enclosed. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Imam Subagio
26. Why did PT. Eureka have a letter PT. Internusa?
     A. They are in the sales offering
     B. The distributors like to add them in their offering
     C. There are latest catalogue and brochure to be added to the product
     D. PT Eureka proposed to become a distributor for PT.Internusa products
     E. The distributors like to the product send and combine it with other products

27. We know from the letter that ....
     A. PT Eureka is a distributor of PT Internusa
     B. PT Eureka is a successful hardware company
     C. PT Eureka has not sold software before
     D. PT Eureka will get the products soon
     E. PT Eureka will get the answer soon

The following text is for questions 28 to 30.
Remote sensing is the acquistion of information about an object or phenomenon, without making physical contact with the object. In modern usage, the term generally refers to the use of aerial sensor technology to detect and classify objects on Earth (both on the surface, and in the atmosphere and oceans) by means of propagated signals (e.g. electromagnetic radiation emitted from aircraft or satellites).

There are two main types or remote sensing: passive remote sensing and active remote sensing. Passive sensors detect natural radiation that is emitted or reflected by the object or surrounding area being observed. Reflected sunlight is the most common source of radiation measured by passive censors. Examples of passive remote sensors include film photography, infra-red, charge-coupled devices, and radiometers. Active collection, on the other hand, emits energy in order to scan objects and areas whereupon a sensor then detects and measures the radiation that is reflected or back scattered from the target. RADAR and LIDAR are examples of active remote sensing where the time delay between emission and return is measured, stabilizing the location, height, speed, and direction of an object.
28. From the text we know that remote sensing ....
     A. Is a way to obtain information about an object or phenomenon
     B. Does not difficult to do
     C. Makes physical contact with the object
     D. Does not make use of sensors
     E. Does not make use propagated signals

29. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
     A. Active sensing is better than passive sensing
     B. The energy in sunlight is important for remote sensing
     C. Passive sensing is not as strong as active sensing
     D. The source of energy radiated for sensing determines whether it is the active or passive type
     E. Active remote sensing and passive remote sensing are equally useful for the development of knowlegde and technology

30. Based on the text we can say that ....
     A. Remote sensing is expensive technology
     B. Remote sensing is useful for transportation
     C. We can apply the technology to study animals
     D. Medical science can be improved through remote sensing
     E. Remote sensing make it possible to collect information of an object in a dangerous area

The following text is for questions 31 and 32.

31. What aspect of the service is promoted in the advertisement of Prime Plaza?
     A. The personal touch
     B. The hospitality
     C. The relaxing programs
     D. The low price
     E. The friendly welcome

32. What is the text about?
     A. The characteristics of tourist-Resorts
     B. The promotion of Hotel and Resorts
     C. The description of spa and Beauty House
     D. Hotel training for their hospitality
     E. Service competition between groups of apartments

The following text is for questions 33 to 35.
Being on time is a beautiful social ethic and one of great importance, as it creates efficiency in systems and implies respect for one another. However, it is one the many values that is not easy for our students to learn.

Inner discipline, one that comes from an understanding of the set rules and regulations, is the highest from of the behaviour. Most exellent schools try to instill this with a loving environment. Why, even adults arrive late to meetings, work, etc. Here, we do not agree that late comers should be shut out. They can be given warnings, most of which are enough to make them try their best to reach the school on time later. If this fails, invite their parents to school.

By closing the gates, the school is behaving cruelly, to which we prefer not to expose our children. Every school has a responsibility to implant good educational principle, but it should be in appropriate ways. Good schools create competitive students who can organize themselves effectively in society, so that everyone gets a quality life as a result of ethics and values learned for as long as 12 years.

Children are precious and dependent on the adults for guidance. Understanding them is the key, and to this end, both parents and schools must work hand in hand without playing the blame game.
33. What should the school do if a student can’t stop his/her habit to come late to school?
     A. Punish him/her
     B. Shut him/her out
     C. Fail him/her
     D. Talk to his/her parents
     E. Try to understand him/her

34. What does the writer think to be “the highest from of behavior” (in the second paragraph)?
     A. Respect for one another
     B. Not being late to school
     C. Understanding the regulations
     D. Understanding the rules
     E. Inner discipline

35. “Children are precious and dependent on the adults for guidance” The underlined word is closest in meaning to ....
     A. Valuable
     B. Excellent
     C. Clever
     D. Innocent
     E. Naive

The following text is for questions 36 to 38.
Will solar energy ever be a main source of energy for industrial societies? The solar energy is cheaper than any fossil fuell because we can get the abundant source of energy from the sun.

In sunny deserts, the sun’s radiation that reaches the ground can be used to produce electricity for industries and homes. In one of experiment, solar ponds can produce hot water to drive generators.

Unfortunately, we can’t power our homes entirely on sunlight. Solar energy can only be exploited in bright light. Its great potential, therefore, is in countries that have clear skies for most of the year. Most houses, however, are not in the sunniest part of the world. In addition to convert sunlight directly into electricity, solar cells are needed. Although they are very cheap to turn, relatively they are expensive to buy and many people can’t afford them.
36. Which of the following can produce hot water to drive generators?
     A. Solar car
     B. Solar cells
     C. Solar ponds
     D. Solar heating
     E. Solar batteries

37. Which of the following statements does not agree with the text?
     A. Solar energy can only be harnessed in bright sunlight
     B. The solar energy is cheaper than any other fossil fuel
     C. Solar energy is non-polluted
     D. Solar ponds produce hot water to drive generators
     E. The main important device to harness the solar energy is cheap

38. From the text, we know that ....
     A. Converting solar energy into electricity is expensive
     B. Solar energy generators can be found in most houses
     C. It is easy to convert solar energy into electricity
     D. The potential source of solar energy can only be found in desert areas
     E. Most of people in bright sunny areas use solar energy

The following text is for questions 39 to 41.
A natural disaster is a terrible accident, e.g. a great flood , a big fire, or an earthquake. It usually causes great suffering and loss of a large sum of money. The causalities are injured or died. Some people are homeless and need medical care.

Floods occur when the water of rivers, lakes, or stream overflow their banks and pour out into the surrounding land. Floods are caused by many different things. Often heavy rainstorms that last for a brief time can cause a flood. But not all heavy storms are followed by flooding. If the surrounding land is fl at and can absorb the water, no flooding will occur. If, however, the land is hard and rocky, heavy rain cannot be absorbed. Where the banks are low, a river may overflow and flood adjacent lowland.

In many parts of the world floods are caused by tropical storms called hurricanes or typhoons. They bring destructive winds of high speed, torrents of rain, and flooding. When a flood occurs, the destruction to the surrounding land can be severe. Whole villages and towns are sometimes swept away by water pouring swiftly over the land. Railroad tracks and buckles are uprooted from their beds. Highways are washed away.

When a building caught fire, the firemen pitched in to help battle the blaze. Before the pumps were invented, people formed bucket brigades to fight fires. Standing side by side, they formed a human chain from the fire to nearby well or river. They passed buckets of water from hand to hand to be poured on the flames.

The damage of fire did depend a great deal on where it happened. In the country or a small village, only a single house might burn down. But in crowded cities, fire often destroyed whole blocks and neighborhoods before being controlled.
39. What can possibly prevent rivers and lakes from overflowing?
     A. An absorbent bed
     B. A rocky surrounding
     C. A low land
     D. A high bank
     E. A high road

40. We know from the text that ....
     A. River can sweep heavy flood
     B. People can make money from flood
     C. The destruction by flood is always less severe
     D. Water flood is absorbed by land directly
     E. Typhoons caused heavy flood

41. We know from the text that ....
     A. The pump is the only tool used by fire fighters now
     B. The pump helps people to fight fires more efficiently
     C. Fires in big cities are always very big
     D. People no longer use buckets to control fire
     E. Only firemen can control fires in crowded cities

The following text is for questions 42 to 44.
I, Milton Friedman was born on July 31, 1921, in Brooklyn, N.Y., the fourth and last child and fi rst son of Sarah Ethel (Landau) and Jeno Saul Friedman. My parents were born in Carpatho-Ruthenia of the Soviet Union, They emigrated to the U.S. in their teens, meeting in New York. When I was a year old, my parents moved to Rahway, N.J., a small town about 20 miles from New York City.

I was awarded a competitive scholarship to Rutgers University. I graduated from Rutgers in 1932. I financed the rest of my college expenses by the usual mixture of waiting at tables, clerking in a retail store, occasional entrepreneurial ventures, and summer earnings. Shortly, however, I became interested in economics.

In economics, I had the good fortune to be exposed to two remarkable men: Arthur F. Burns and Homer Jones. Arthur Burns shaped my understanding of economics research, introduced me to the highest scientific standards, and became a guiding influence on my subsequent career. Homer Jones introduced me to rigorous economic theory, made economics exciting and relevant, and encouraged me to go on to graduate work. On his recommendation, the Chicago Economics Department offered me a tuition scholarship. As it happened, I was also offered a scholarship by Brown University in Applied Mathematics, but, by that time, I had definitely transferred my primary allegiance to economics. In 1976 I won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics for my achievements in the fields of consumption analysis, monetary history and theory and for his demonstration of the complexity of stabilization policy. In 1977, at age 65, I retired from the University of Chicago after teaching there for 30 years.
42. Who influenced Milton Friedman on economic research?
     A. Sarah Ethel
     B. Jeno Friedman
     C. Arthur F. Burns
     D. Homer Jones
     E. Alfred Nobel

43. What is the main idea of paragraph 3?
     A. Milton Friedman was very committed in his interest and talent in economics
     B. Homer Jones shaped Milton Friedman understanding of economic research
     C. Arthur Burns introduced Milton Friedman to rigorous economic theory
     D. Brown University offered Milton Friedman a tuition scholarship
     E. Milton Friedman was offered a scholarship by the Chicago Economics Department in Applied Mathematics

44. What did Milton Friedman do in financing his college expenses?
     A. He was a teacher during summer
     B. He had a job in entrepreneur company
     C. He worked as a clerk in a retail store
     D. He sold tables to people
     E. He taught economics in the university

The following text is for questions 45 and 46.
‘Laskar Pelangi’: The Audacity of Hope

This is a movie adapted from a best-selling Indonesian novel. It took 40 days of filming on Belitung Island, Bangka-Belitung province. Involving 12 local actors, it reportedly cost Rp8 billion. With all the efforts of transforming Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Warrior) into a moving picture, will it satisfy readers’ imaginations?

Laskar Pelangi, the novel, was written by Andrea Hirata in 2005, based on his own experiences. It is about an inspiring teacher and her 10 students in the poverty-stricken Kampung Gantong in Belitung. The poor condition of their school building does not dampen their high spirits and hopes for a better future.

Two years later, the novel became a phenomenon in Indonesia literature. With its humanistic touch, Laskar Pelangi has sold more than 500,000 copies and has won the position of Must-Read Novel in every corner of the nation’s bookshops and media review pages. It has finally overcome the domination of teen-lit, chick-lit and even religious novels, the popular theme of today.

Andrea entrusted the fi lming of the story to the respected figures in the film industry, Mira Lesmana and Riza, as producer and film director. In July 2007, Mira and Riri started the per-production, which took a year to finish. Together with the scriptwriter Salman Aristo they decided to create a different scenario for the film.
45. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
     A. ‘Laskar Pelangi’ is the story of poor people at the Bangka Belitung province
     B. ‘Laskar Pelangi’ is the story of poor school children of the Belitung Island
     C. ‘Laskar Pelangi’ is about poverty in Kampung Gantong in Bangka Belitung
     D. ‘Laskar Pelangi’ is about an inspiring story towards a better life
     E. ‘Laskar Pelangi’ is about Andrea Hirata

46. From the text above, we know that ....
     A. The movie was played by poor children
     B. Andrea Hirata is the producer of Laskar Pelangi
     C. The novel of Laskar Pelangi as a phenomenal work of literature
     D. People like the movie better than the novel
     E. People like the novel better than the movie

The following text is for questions 47 to 49.
I recently took a trip to New Hampshire and had what I would call my fi rst genuine ... (47) ... hiking up a mountain. I’ve gone up hiking before but this was without a doubt the best experince of my life. My friend, Sean and Madeline ... (48) ... some pictures during the trip. We need 2 hours straight before we reached the summit. The storm clouds were heading right toward us and you could actually see the rain falling from the could. It was like a wall of water moving at an alarmingly ... (49) ... pace ready to engulf us. 
     A. Experience
     B. Influence
     C. Experiment
     D. Expedition
     E. Independence

     A. Broke
     B. Bought
     C. Brought
     D. Took
     E. Put

     A. Wide
     B. Strong
     C. Long
     D. Bright
     E. Fast

Arrange the following sentences into a correct paragraph.
50.1. You can make instant noodles with the help of a microwave
2. Finally, add any items that you want and serve the noodles
3. First, fill the bowl with 2 cups of water and the noodle
4. Microwave it for about three to five minutes
5. Then, take the noodles out of the microwave and pour the seasonings
6. After the microwave beeps, wait for three minutes in the closed microwave
7. Next, stir the noodles until the seasonings dissolve
The correct arrangement is ....
    A. 1 – 7 – 5 – 6 – 2 – 4 – 3
    B. 1 – 3 – 4 – 6 – 5 – 7 – 2
    C. 1 – 2 – 7 – 3 – 6 – 5 – 4
    D. 1 – 4 – 7 – 5 – 2 – 6 – 3
    E. 1 – 4 – 6 – 5 – 2 – 3 – 7


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