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Expressing Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction Beserta Contoh Soal Terlengkap - Expressing Satisfaction And Dissatisfaction Beserta Contoh Soal Terlengkap. Expressing Satisfaction adalah adalah salah satu ungkapan yang digunakan untuk menyatakan kepuasan terhadap sesuatu. Sedangkan, Expressing Dissatisfaction adalah ungkapan yang digunakan untuk menyatakan ketidakpuasan terhadap sesuatu. Dalam kehidupan sehari-hari saya yakin kita sering mengalami kejadian atau pelayanan yang memuaskan maupun tidak memuaskan. Pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan mencoba menjelaskan penggunaannya dalam bahasa Inggris. Selain itu, Expressing Satisfaction dan Dissatisfaction ini juga nerupakan materi percakapan speaking English yang harus dipelajari para siswa SMA dan MA.

Asking Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction

Is everything alright?
Are you satisfied ?
Are you satisfied with our service … ?
Do you have any complaint about our service …?
How do you like your room?
Is everything O.K.?
Is everything satisfactory?
Did you find our service satisfactory?
Do you want to complain about something?
Was something not to your satisfaction?
Are you dissatisfied with something?

Expressing Satisfaction

It is with great pleasure that…!
It gives me great satisfaction..
I’m very pleased with it
A most delightful example of..
What a beautiful story!
Great, love it.
I’m content with.

Expressing Dissatisfaction

Very sad!
How bad!
It is disappointing that!
It is unacceptable
This is the limit I won’t take any more of…
Well, this is most unsatisfactory.
The concert is so boring.
What an awful meeting
It’s not as good as I thought.

Waiter: What do you think about this food?
Dony: It is very delicious. I am completely satisfied.
Andy: I think everyone also like it.
Dinda: I agree. But not for the coffee.
Dony: What's wrong?
Dinda: Please try it yourself.
Waiter: Are you satisfied with our drink? Are you dissatisfied with something?
Dinda: I want to make a complaint. This coffee is very BITTER.
Waiter: I am sorry Sir. We will change with the new one.

Waiter: Bagaimana menurutmu makanan ini?
Dony: Ini sangat enak. Saya benar-benar enak.
Andy: Saya pikir semua menyukainya.
Dinda: Saya Setuju. Tapi tidak dengan kopinya.
Dony: Ada apa?
Dinda: Coba sendiri aja.
Pelayan: Apakah tuan puas dengan minuman kami? Apakah anda tidak puas dengan sesuatu ?
Dony: Saya ingin menyampaikan keluhan. Kopi ini sangat pahit.
Pelayan: Maafkan saya tuan. Kami akan mengganti dengan yang baru.

Contoh Percakapan 1
Richy: Nadya, where have you been? I’ve been looking for you for the past six days.
Nadya: I just got back from Lombok.
Richy: Really? So you had your vacation there?
Nadya: Well, actually I was visiting my grandparents. But, I also visited some beaches and a museum there.
Richy: Did you have fun?
Nadya: Absolutely. The beaches are great and the sea is full of beautiful coral reefs.
Richy: Don’t tell me you went snorkeling!
Nadya: Yes, I did. It was awesome. I’m really content with my trip.
Richy: Oh, I wished I had been there too.
Nadya: You should go there sometime.
Richy: Yes, I know.

Contoh Percakapan 2
Paul: Have you read today’s magazine?
James: Not yet. Is it interesting?
Paul: Yes, the great sale from Matahari. Take a look. The magazine is over there.
James: Picking up the magazine and starting to read it. Is that all?
Paul: Yes.
James: This is not enough. I’m not satisfied yet. The discount is not too big, amount of the discount should have been half of the price. Besides, the Mall just giving discount conditional.
Paul: Oh, come on. The point is not the matter of the discount, but the Mall has good product.
James: Still it’s not satisfying.
Paul: I think they have already given their good will. It’s more than enough.

Exercise: Answer the following questions!
Yandy : How’s your vacation in Mentawai island, Nindy?
Nindy : It was  terrific! The beaches are beautiful.
Yandy : Really? What else did you do there?
Nindy : Oh, I went parasailing! It was the most breath-taking thing that I’ve ever done.
Roby : Thanks.
1. The underlined expression expresses ....
A. Satisfaction
B. Dissatisfaction
C. Agreement
D. Opinion
E. Advice

Complete the dialogue below (for questions number 2 and 3)
Yozy : I heard you have bought a new computer.
Dany : Yes, I bought Asus PC CP3130-ID001D.
Yozy : Wow, it must be very sophisticated.
Dany : Yes, _______________ with the specification. You should buy one.
Yozy : Yes, I think I’ll do that.
2. The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is …
A. It is disappointing that!
B. It is unacceptable
C. I’m very satisfied
D. The computer is so cheesy.
E. I don't think so

3. The underlined word has similar meaning with ...
A. Cool
B. Awful
C. Poor
D. Atrocious
E. Cheap

Bryan : Sam, I thought you were on a big company.
Sam : Well, I've Just come out of it.
Bryan : Why?
Sam : Well, I didn’t really enjoy working there.
4. The underlined expression expresses ....
A. Satisfaction
B. Dissatisfaction
C. Agreement
D. Opinion
E. Asking satisfaction

Alex : How do you feel about this food?
Bram : It is very tasty. I’m completely satisfied.
Alex : Me too.
5. The underlined expression expresses ....
A. Asking satisfaction
B. Giving dissatisfaction
C. Asking Agreement
D. Giving Opinion
E. Showing sympathy


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