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Offering Something Beserta Contoh Soal Terlengkap - Offering Something Beserta Contoh Soal Terlengkap. Offering Something adalah salah satu jenis expression (ungkapan) yang kita gunakan ketika ingin menawarkan sesuatu kepada orang lain. Dalam materi postingan kali anda bisa mengetahui cara menawarkan sesuatu dalam bahasa Inggris dan juga cara menerima atau menolak tawaran yang diberikan. Kita bisa menggunakan ungkapan-ungkapan berikut dalam berbagai situasi, tuan rumah menawarkan sesuatu kepada tamu atau ketika di kantor ingin menawarkan sesuatu kepada rekan kerja. Untuk lebih jelasnya, mari kita lihat beberapa Expressing Offering Something To Someone berikut ini.

Offering Something

Would you like something to drink?
Would you like to go disco?
Would you like to come along?
Could I offer you a glass of lemonade?
Would you mind joining us?
Would you like a cup of coffee?
Shall I get you a bottle of water?
Would you like to leave a message?

What can I get for you?
Won't you have a pancake?
Do you want something to eat?
Cheese sandwich?
Have some
Like one?

Accepting an Offer

Thank you
Yes, please
I'd like it very much
Thank you, I would ...
That would be very nice
I'm pleased to do that
With pleasure
Yes, I'd like some.
Oh yes, I’d love to
That sounds nice
That’s very kind of you

Refusing an Offer

No, thanks
Not for me, thanks
No, I really won't thank you
I'd like to, but I have ...
I'm afraid I can't thanks anyway
It would be a great pleasure to ... But I'm afraid I have

Andy: Here. Have a cookie.
Bryan: Thanks.
Andy: Would you like some cake?
Bryan: No thank you. It looks delicious though.
Andy: How about a glass of coffee?
Bryan: Thanks, but I don’t drink coffee.
Andy: What will you have to drink?
Bryan: Manggo juice will be fine.
Andy: Would you like some more pie?
Bryan: Sure. It’s really good. Did you bake it yourself?
Andy: Can I get you some milk or something?
Bryan: Well, a glass of water would be okay.

Andy: Ini, silakan dimakan kuenya.
Bryan: Terima kasih.
Andy: Anda mau makan kue.
Bryan: Tidak terima kasih. Kelihatannya enak juga.
Andy: Bagaimana dengan segelas kopi?
Bryan: Terima kasih, tapi saya tidak minum kopi.
Andy: Kamu mau minum apa?
Bryan: Jus mangga saja
Andy: Kamu mau makan kue lagi?
Bryan: Tentu, sangat enak. Apakah kamu yang membuatnya sendiri?
Andy: Bisa saya buatkan susu atau sesuatu
Bryan: Baiklah, segelas air putih juga tidak apa-apa.

Contoh percakapan 1
Boy: "Hi!"
Girl: "Hello!"
Boy: "Are you hungry?"
Girl: "No, I'm not."
Boy: "Are you thirsty?"
Girl:  "Yes, I am."
Boy: "Would you like a cup of coffee?"
Girl: "Yes, please."
Boy: "Here's your coffee."
Girl: "Thank you."
Boy: "You're welcome. Goodbye."
Girl: "Bye

Contoh percakapan 2
John: What are you doing, Deb?
Deby: I’m replying e-mail from client and writing 10 articles about English expressions.
John: Wow, you are so busy, right?
Deby: Yeah. I’m so stressful.
John: Shall I do your half job?
Deby: Really? You must be kidding me.
John: I’m so serious, Deb. How?
Deby: Thank you so much, John. I appreciate your help.
John: Most welcome, Deby.
Deby: Could I offer you a glass of lemonade?
John: Please, don’t bother.
Deby: It’s okay, I really don’t mind.

Exercise: Answer the following questions!
Mr Bean : Hello, Miss Smith. Would you like a cup of coffee? I'm just making some.
Miss Smith : Oh, yes please, that would be lovely.
Mr Bean : How do you take it?
Miss Smith : With milk and sugar please.
Mr Bean: Here you are.
Miss Smith: Thank you.
1. The underlined expression expresses ...
A. Offering something
B.Offering help
C. Accepting an offer
D. Declining an offer
E. Refusing an offer

Dany: Good morning Jane, do you want an ice cream?
Jane: Oh, great! ______, I'd love one.
Dany: Chocolate or Strawberry?
Jane: Chocolate, please.
2. The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is …
A. Yes please
B. No Thanks
C. Don't bother
D. Never mind
E. Not for me

Andy: Shall I carry your luggage to your apartmen?
Boby: Yes, please!
3.The underlined word has similar meaning with ...
A. Borrow
B. Bring
C. Drop
D. Dodge
E. Leave

Indry : The box you brought looks very heavy. ________
Putry : Sure. It’s very kind of you. Thanks.
4. The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is …
A. Would you like me to help you?
B. Would I like to help me?
C. Would you like to help me?
D. Would you like to bring it for me?
E. Could you bring it for me?

Andry : Some of our friends will join the concert tomorrow. Would you like to go with me?
Sintya : _________ It will very interesting. I need to refresh my mind this time.
5. The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is …
A. I’d love to but I don’t think I can come
B. I’m really sorry. I already have my own plan
C. Well, I’m not sure
D. What a great idea!
E. Not for me, thanks


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