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Penjelasan dan Contoh Greeting Card Terlengkap - Penjelasan dan Contoh Greeting Card Terlengkap. Greeting Card (Kartu Ucapan) meruapakan kartu ucapan yang bertujuan untuk mengekspresikan perasaan atau perhatian kepada seseorang. Kita bisa menyampaikan ucapan dalam berbagai peristiwa, baik peristiwa yang menggembirakan maupun peristiwa yang menyedihkan. Greeting Card biasanya diberi gambar atau tulisan yang menarik. Nah, pada postingan ini saya memberikan 2 contoh untuk masing-masing Greeting Card. 

Definition of Greeting Card

Greeting card is an illustrated piece of card or high quality paper featuring an expression of friendship or other sentiment. Kartu ucapan merupakan bagian ilustrasi dari kartu atau kertas berkualitas tinggi yang menampilkan ekspresi persahabatan atau sentimen lainnya.

Purpose of Greeting Card

The purpose of of greeting card is to congratulate, to wish or to show sympathy for someone. Tujuan kartu ucapan ini untuk memberi selamat ataupun menunjukkan rasa prihatin kepada seseorang.

Generic Structure of Greeting Card

Struktur umum dari greeting card ini tergantung bentuk design kartunya, yang penting dalam kartu ucapan terdapat beberapa elemen berikut.
  • Receiver
Kepada siapa kartu ucapan itu ditujukan? tulislah nama penerima jika diperlukan.
  • Body
Biasanya bagian ini berisi tulisan yang menarik dengan dilengkapi beberapa unsur berikut :
Quote : Kutipan yang berhubungan dengan peristiwa.
Picture : Lengkapi kartu ucapan anda dengan gambar agar menarik.
Expression : Gunakan Congratulation Expression atau Sympathy Expression.
  • Sender
Siapa pengirim kartu ucapan tersebut? tulislah nama pengirim jika diperlukan.

Example of Greeting Card

1. Birthday card

Dear Any

May there be smiles and lots of sunshine for your special day. May god bless you with health, wealth and prosperity in your life. Happy Birthday...!!!


2. Thank you card

Dear Any

I want you to know, I appreciate your generosity. You are not only best friend for me. But also my most valuable person in my life. Thank You...!!!


3. Get well card

Dear Any

May you get a lot of rest so that you can recover from your illness, Fighting! We are all praying for you here. Get well soon...!!!


4. Congratulation card

Dear Any

Congratulations, you have bought the bigger house, which you always dream about. I hope you will feel more comfortable. Don’t forget to invite me to your house-warming party. You did it! Congrats...!!!


5. Holiday card

Dear Any

Looking forward to having lots of fun together over the holiday. Happy Holidays...!!!


6. Graduation card

Dear Any

Congrats for your graduation. We are proud of you and hope you get a great success someday. Congratulations and Bravo...!!!


7. Condolence card

Dear Any

I am so sorry that your brother has passed away after his long battle with cancer. Our Thoughts and Prayers are with you. I’m going to miss him, too.



To : Jack
For Being a bright and enthusiastic student in XI IPA. Your bright smile lights up our classroom everyday. Great work this year Jack.

Read the text carefully and choose the best answer of each questions!
1. What is the text about?
A. A letter from a teacher
B. A student report
C. A greeting card
D. An email

2. Joanne is Jack’s …
A. Mom
B. Friend
C. Headmaster
D. Teacher
Dear Bryan,

When your name is called as the best student please step forward-for high five!
You are the best. Congratulations!

Uncle John
3. From the text we know that Bryan...
A. Get a medal for the best student
B. Is the best student at school
C. Graduates from high school
D. Got five for his test

4 "...when your name is called as the best...." The underlined word refers to.....
A. Bryan
B. Uncle John
C. Student
D. Uncle Bryan


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