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Penjelasan dan Contoh Hortatory Exposition Text Terlengkap - Penjelasan dan Contoh Hortatory Exposition Text Terlengkap. Berikut ini penulis akan share tentang teks Exposition. Seperti halnya Analytical Exposition, Hortatory Exposition adalah jenis teks bahasa Inggris yang tergolong ke dalam kelas Argumentation. Hortatory Exposition adalah sebuah jenis teks bahasa Inggris yang mana menghadirkan usaha penulis memengaruhi pembaca untuk melakukan sesuatu atau bertindak dalam hal tertentu. Dalam Hortatory Exposition, penulis mencantumkan beberapa pendapat mengenai hal tertentu untuk memperkuat ide pokok  dari teks tersebut.

Definition of Hortatory Exposition

Berbeda dengan Analytical Exposition, Hortatory Exposition menghadirkan Recommendation sebagai paragraf penutup dari sebuah Hortatory Exposition Text. Dalam Recommendation ini, penulis berusaha mengajak dan membujuk pembaca untuk melakukan sesuatu. Hal ini jauh berbeda dengan Analytical Exposition yang mana menempatkan Reiteration atau penulisan kembali ide pokok sebuah teks sebagai penutup tanpa adanya ajakan atau bujuakan kepada pembaca.

Dapat disimpulkan Kedua teks tersebut masuk dalam kategori persuasive text. Persuasive textmerupakan teks yang bertujuan untuk mempengaruhi seseorang akan ide yang penulis utarakan baik untuk mengubah pandangan seseorang sesuai pandangan si penulis terkait suatu kasus tertentu maupun untuk mencari pendukung akan ide yang diutarakan si penulis.

Purpose of Hortatory Exposition

Jelas Berbeda dengan Analytical Exposition Text yang tujuan komunikatifnya memaparkan dan memengaruhi pembaca bahwa kejadian yang di ceritakan itu penting, pada Hortatory Expostion Text tujuan kommunikatifnya adalah memaparkan dan memengaruhi pembaca bahwa seharusnya demikian dan seharusnya tidak demikian.

Generic Structures of Hortatory Exposition

Ada tiga bagian dari struktur atau pola paragraph dalam Hortatory Exposition Text yang harus kita ketahui, yaitu:
  • Thesis
Thesis berisi tentang pengenalan ide pokok penulis tentang suatu gejala atau kejadian yang akan diangkat atau dibahas.
  • Arguments
Arguments berisi tentang pendapat-pendapat yang mendukung ide pokok penulis. Semakin banyak pendapat yang penulis tuliskan, semakin menarik sebuah Hortatory Exposition Text itu, karena pembaca cenderung percaya terhadap suatu peristiwa jika terdapat banyak pendapat yang mendukung di dalamnya.
  • Recommendation
Recommendation berisi tentang rekomendasi atau ajakan penulis terhadap pembaca (should or should not).

Grammar Used

Di bawah ini adalah ciri kebahasaan yang terdapat pada Hortatory Exposition Text, yaitu:
  • Menggunakan simple present tense
  • Menggunakan temporal conectives; firstly, secondly, thirdly, etc.   
  • Menggunakan evaluative words; importanly, valuablly, trustworthly, etc.

Example and Translate



Do you know what the meaning of corruption is? What is the relation between money and corruption? Well, corruption is common everywhere in the world, even in the United States. It’s just a matter of intensity. However, it is quite shocking when one reliable survey claims Jakarta as the most corrupt place in Indonesia.

Apa kamu tahu arti dari korupsi? Apa hubungannya uang dengan korupsi? Baiklah, korupsi merupakan hal yang umum di dunia, bahkan di Amerika. Hanya merupakan masalah intensitas. Tetapi, sangat mengejutkan ketika salah satu survey menyatakan bahwa Jakarta merupakan tempat yang paling banyak melakukan korupsi di Indonesia.

Argument 1

The survey has made me sad, actually, because I stay and earn a living here in the capital. As most people know, Tanjung Priok port smuggling is not a new thing at all. Entrepreneurs who want to minimize their tax payments tend to do such a thing more often. They even bribe the officials.

Survei tersebut membuat saya sedih sebenarnya, karena saya tinggal dan hidup di sini di ibu kota. Seperti yang semua tahu, penyeludupan di pelabuhan Tanjung Priok bukan merupakan barang baru lagi. Para pengusaha yang ingin mengurangi pajak perdagangan mereka melakukan hal seperti itu sering kali. Mereka bahkan menyogok pihak berwenang.

Argument 2 

Well, I think the measures taken so far to overcome the problem by punishing the corruptors is still not far enough. We have to prevent the younger generations from getting a bad mentality caused by corruption.

Baiklah, saya pikir ukuran yang diambil sejauh ini untuk mengatasi masalah tersebut dengan menghukum para koruptor masih jauh dari kata cukup. Kita harus mencegah para generasi muda dari sikap buruk yang disebabkan oleh korupsi.


I believe we should start at the earliest stages in school and I think everyone should be involved in the effort to eradicate corruption. We must not make any distinction.

Saya percaya kita harus memulai langkah awal tersebut dari sekolah dan saya pikir semua orang harus di ikut sertakan dalam usaha untuk membasmi korupsi. Kita harus tidak membuat pengecualian apa pun.

Contoh Pertama
Reading is Important

I personally think that reading is a very important activity in our life. Why do I say so?

Firstly, by reading we can get a lot of knowledge about many things in the world such as Science, technology, sports, arts, culture, etc written in either books, magazine, newspaper, etc.

Secondly, by reading we can get a lot of news and information about something happening in any parts of the world which can we see directly.

Another reason, reading can give us pleasure too. When we are tired, we read books, novel, comic, newspaper or magazine on the entertainment column such as comedy, short story, quiz, etc. To make us relaxed.

The last, reading can also take us to other parts of the world. By reading a book about Irian Jaya we may feel we’re really sitting in the jungles not at home in our rooms.

From the facts above, it’s obvious that everyone needs to read to get knowledge, information and also entertainment.

Contoh Kedua
Health food

Health food is a general term applied to all kinds of foods that are considered more healthful than the types of foods widely sold in supermarkets. For example, whole grains, dried beans, and corn oil are health foods.

A narrower classification of health food is natural food. This term is used to distinguish between types of the same food. Fresh fruit is a natural food, but canned fruit, with sugars and other additives, is not. The most precise term of all and the narrowest classification within health foods is organic food, used to describe food that has been grown on a particular kind of farm. Fruits and vegetables that are grown in gardens treated only with organic fertilizers are organic foods. They are neither sprayed with poisonous insecticides nor refined after harvest.

In choosing the type of food you eat, you have basically two choices: inorganic processed foods, or organic unprocessed foods. A wise decision should include consideration of allegations that processed foods containing chemicals are proven to be toxic. It also states that the vitamin content is greatly reduced in processed foods.

Students’ cheating is one of the biggest problems faced by teachers nowadays.

Despite the fact that teachers advise their students not to do dishonest acts during tests, some students still do cheating. There are many kinds of cheating that students do during the test or examination, such as looking other students’ work, put some notes under their clothes, write notes or formulas on their desks make hand signals or go to rest rooms to get the answers from their friends.

In my view, students who do cheating are committing a crime. It is a sort of taking something illegally. This crime causes negative results to the students. Students who always cheat deteriorate their mental capacity. Cheating acts also create dependence. They weaken their self confidence. Instead of preparing for the coming test, they are busy to organize notes on a piece of paper. If this awful habit continues, the students will lose their opportunity to develop their intellectual and mind.

Therefore, school should consider cheating as a very serious problem. School board and administration should go hand to overcome this matter. Honesty must be put in school’s vision. Harsh punishment must be applied to students who commit this crime.
Read the text carefully and choose the best answer of each questions! 
1. What is mainly discussed in the text? 
A. School policy
B. Harsh punishment 
C. Cheating as a crime
D. Mental deterioration
E. Different ways of cheating

2. What will the school do to eliminate students who commit cheating?
A. Create a good vision
B. Select honest students 
C. Make harsh punishment
D. Make students confident
E. Administer the school affair

3. “Students who always cheat deteriorate their mental capacity.” (Paragraph 3) The similar meaning of underlined word means…
A. Support
B. Worsen
C. Cause
D. Create
E. Find

4. “They weaken their self confidence.” (Paragraph 3) What does the underlined word refer to? 
A. Tests 
B. Papers 
C. Results
D. Students
E. Cheatings

Catatan : Terima kasih telah membaca Penjelasan dan Contoh Hortatory Exposition Text Terlengkap.
Definition : Hortatory exposition is a type of spoken or written text that is intended to explain the listeners or readers that something should or should not happen or be done.
Purpose : To help readers how to do or make something completely.
Generic Structure :
1. Goal/Aim
2. Materials/Equipments
3. Steps/Methods


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