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Penjelasan dan Contoh Descriptive Text Terlengkap - Penjelasan dan Contoh Descriptive Text Terlengkap. Mungkin sobat sudah paham tentang teks Narrative, Recount, Procedure dan Report. Kali ini penulis akan posting penjelasan tentang Descriptive Text serta contoh. Teks ini cukup menarik untuk dibahas. Melalui teks ini kita bisa menceritakan dan mendeskripsikan tentang object berupa benda, orang atau tempat secara spesifik. Mari kita langsung menuju penjelasannya.

Definition of Descriptive Text

According to Kane (2000: 352)Description is about sensory experience—how something looks, sounds, tastes. Mostly it is about visual experience, but description also deals with other kinds of perception. Jadi, jika disimpulkan deskriptif bermakna teks yang menjelaskan tentang pengalaman yang berhubungan dengan pancaindera, seperti apa bentuknya, suaranya, rasanya dsb. Buat pembaca yang tertarik mau menulis teks deskriptif, bisa memulai dengan menggambarkan tentang orang lain, Actor favourite, serta lokasi tempat tinggal. Yang terpenting gambarkan atau ceritakan secara spesifik.

Purpose of Descriptive Text

Adapun tujuan (purpose) dari descriptive text adalah untuk menjelaskan, menggambarkan atau mengungkapkan seseorang atau suatu benda secara spesifik.

Generic Structures of Descriptive Text

Ketika menulis descriptive text, ada beberapa susunan umum/generic structure agar tulisan kita dianggap benar. Susunan tersebut adalah :
  • Identification 
berisi tentang identifikasi hal / seorang yang akan dideskripsikan.
  • Description 
berisi tentang penjelasan / penggambaran tentang hal / seseorang dengan menyebutkan beberapa sifatnya.

Grammar Used

  • Menggunakan Present Tense, misalnya: go, eat, fly, etc. 
  • Menggunakan berbagaimacam Adjectives (kata sifat) yang bersifat Describing (mengambarkan), Numbering (Menomerkan), dan Classifying (mengklasifikasikan), misalnya: two strong legs, sharp white fangs, etc.
  • Descriptive Text menggunakan Relating Verbs untuk memberikan informasi tentang subjek, misalnya: my mum is realy cool, it has very thick fur, etc.
  • Descriptive Text menggunakan Thinking Verbs (kata kerja berfikir, seperti belive, think, etc.) dan Feeling Verbs (kata kerja perasa, seperti feel)untuk mengungkapkan pandangan pribadi penulis tentang subjek, misalnya: police believe the suspect is armed, I think it is a clever animal, etc. 
  • Descriptive Text juga menggunakan Adverbs (kata keterangan) untuk memberikan informasi tambahan mengenai perilaku atau sifat (Adjective) yang dijelaskan, misalnya: it is extremely high, it runs definitely past, etc.

Example and Translate

My Mother


Every people certainly have a mother. Because people was born from her.  The existence of her among us is definitely important. That is why I love her so much. I owe great debt to what she has been doing to me until right now. I love you, mom.

Setiap manusia pastinya memiliki seorang ibu. Karena manusia lahir darinya. Kehadirannya diantara kita sungguh sangat penting. Itu lah mengapa saya sangat mencitainya. Saya berhutang banyak pada apa yang dia lakukan sampai sekarang ini. Saya cinta ibu.


My mother's name is Khodijah. She was born 49 years ago. She is short, but not too short. She is little fat. And she is old. She has got short white straight hair. She has got brown skin. She is beautiful. Her hand is so soft, the hand that have taught me to be kind person.

Ibu saya bernama Khodijah. Beliau lahir 49 tahun yang lalu. Beliau pendek, tetapi tidak begitu pendek. Beliau sedikit gemuk. Dan beliau sudah tua. Beliau memiliki rambut putih pendek yang lurus. Beliau memiliki kulit coklat. Beliau cantik. Tanganya begitu lembut, tangat yang telah mengajarkan saya untuk menjadi orang yang baik.

She never stops to support me. She always tells me to not give up so easily. She always gives me some fine solutions when I have some problems. The importance of her is never denied. That is why I never reject her willing.

Beliau tidak pernah berhenti mendukung saya. Beliau selau memberitahu saya untuk tidak menyerah dengan gampang. Beliau selalu memberi saya beberapa solusi bijak ketika saya menghadapi beberapa masalah. Pentingya beliau tidak pernah terelaknya. Itu lah mengapa saya tidak pernah menolak keinginannya.

Contoh Pertama
Borobudur Temple

Borobudur is Hindu - Budhist temple. It was build in the nineth century under Sailendra dynasty of ancient Mataram kingdom. Borobudur is located in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia.

Borobudur is well-known all over the world. Its construction is influenced by the Gupta architecture of India. The temple is constructed on a hill 46 m high and consist of eight step like stone terrace. The first five terrace are square and surrounded by walls adorned with Budist sculpture in bas-relief. The upper three are circular. Each of them is with a circle of bell shape-stupa. The entire upper structure is crowned by a large stupa at the centre at the centre of the top circle. The way to the summit extends through some 4.8 km of passage and stairways. The design of borobudur which symbolizes the structure of universe influences temples at Angkor, Cambodia.

Borobudur temple which is rededicated as an Indonesian monument in 1983 is a valuable treasure for Indonesian people.

Contoh Kedua

Monas National Monument is a 132-meter tower in the center of Merdeka Square, Central Jakarta, Indonesia Jakarta, is the capital of the state. It symbolizes the struggle for Indonesian independence of our country.

The monument consists of a 117.7 m obelisk on a 45m square platform at a height of 17 m. Towering monument symbolizes the philosophy of Lingga and Yoni. Resembles a phallus, or pestle mortar pestle and Yoni resembles rice or mortar, two important things in the tradition of Indonesian agriculture.

Construction began in 1961 under the direction of President Sukarno, the first president of the us and the monument was opened to the public in 1975. It is topped by a flame covered with gold foil, and now the monument calls.

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is the name given to some islands in West Papua and comes from a local myth. The four major islands are Waigeo, Misool (which is home to ancient rock painting), Salawati, and Batanta. Raja Ampat is located in the bird head of the island of Papua. Underwater enthusiasts flock to this region because it offers the world's best marine sight. In the Raja Ampat islands, divers can explore vertical underwater walls. The thrill of drift diving is another great challenge.

The territory within the islands of the Four Kings is enormous, covering 9.8 million acres of land and sea, home to 540 types of corals, more than 1,000 types of coral fish and 700 types of mollusks. This makes it the most diverse living library for world's coral reef and underwater biota. According to a report developed by The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International, around 75% of the world's species live here.

When divers first arrive here their excitement is palpable. It's common to hear people praise God as they take in the remarkable scenery. Others prefer to remain in silence taking in the overwhelming sight of so many islands with crystal clear water that softly brushes over the white sandy beaches.
Read the text carefully and choose the best answer of each questions! 
1. The text is about the ... of Raja Ampat.
A. size of the islands
B. scenery on the islands
C. natural habitat
D. flora and fauna

2. Where is Raja Ampat located?
A. The Misool island
B. The Waigeo island
C. The Batanta island
D. The Papua archipelago

3. Why so many divers come to Raja Ampat?
A. It is home to ancient rock paintings
B. It offers the world's best marine sights
C. Divers can explore horizontal underwater walls
D. It has the most diverse museum for world's coral reef and underwater biota

4. How many types of corals which homed in Raja Ampat?
A. 540
B. 700
C. 1.000
D. 5.000

5. What is generic structure of the text above?
A. Identification-Description
B. General Clasification-Description
C. Orientation-Complication-Resolution
D. Orientation-Events-Reorientation

Catatan : Terima kasih telah membaca Penjelasan dan Contoh Descriptive Text Terlengkap.
Definition : Descriptive text is a text which says what a person or a thing is like. Its purpose is to describe and reveal a particular person, place, or thing.
Purpose : To describe a particular person, place or thing in detail.
Generic Structure :
1. Identification
2. Description


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