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Making an Appointment Beserta Contoh Soal Terlengkap - Making an Appointment Beserta Contoh Soal Terlengkap. Making an Appointment adalah ungkapan yang dapat digunakan untuk membuat janji bertemu dengan orang lain. Ada sejumlah ekspresi yang bisa kita gunakan untuk membuat janji temu (Making an Appointment) seperti: II’d like to make an appointment with Mr. Smith, When would you be available?, I'm afraid I have another appointment at that time. Pada postingan kali ini saya akan berbagi tentang berbagai macam expression yang bisa digunakan untuk membuat janji,menerima dan menolak janji. Untuk setiap situasi tersebut saya juga akan membagikan beberapa dialogue yang bisa digunakan sebagai acuan dalam memahami penggunaan expression tersebut.

Making an Appointment

Can we meet on the 17th?
Can we meet next Sunday?
Are you available on the 18th?
Are you free next week?
Let’s meet this afternoon.
When can I talk to you?
Can I meet you tomorrow morning?
How about tomorrow afternoon?
Is next Friday convenient for you?
Do you have any time available this week?
When would be a good time to meet you?
I’d like to make an appointment with Mr. Iqbal.
When would you be available?
Are you available on Tuesday?
Would that be ok for you?
Would that suit you?
I'm afraid I have another appointment at that time.
I'm sorry, but I won't be able to make it on Wednesday.
Could we meet on Thursday at 6 pm instead?
Would today evening be all right?
Can you give me an appointment on Sunday?

Accepting an appointment

Sure. I’ll come.
Yes, Sunday is fine.
Friday would be perfect.
I’ll be there at that time.

Canceling/rejecting an appointment

Sorry. I have another appointment at that time.
I’m sorry. I can’t come.
I’m afraid I can’t on the 14th.
I’m sorry, I won’t be able to make it on Sunday.
Sorry. I don’t think I can make it.

Doctor's Assistant: Good morning, Doctor Jensen's office. How may I help you?
Patient: Hello, I'd like to make an appointment to see Doctor Jensen, please.
Doctor's Assistant: Have you been in to see Doctor Jensen before?
Patient: Yes, I have. I had a physical last year.
Doctor's Assistant: Fine, what is your name?
Patient: Maria Sanchez.
Doctor's Assistant: Thank you, Ms. Sanchez, let me pull up your file... Okay, I've located your information. What's the reason for your making an appointment?
Patient: I haven't been feeling very well lately.
Doctor's Assistant: Do you need urgent care?
Patient: No, not necessarily, but I'd like to see the doctor soon.
Doctor's Assistant: Of course, how about next Monday? There's a slot available at 10 in the morning.
Patient: I'm afraid I'm working at 10. Is there anything available after three?
Doctor's Assistant: Let me see. Not on Monday, but we have a three o'clock opening next Wednesday. Would you like to come in then?
Patient: Yes, next Wednesday at three would be great.
Doctor's Assistant: All right, I'll pencil you in for three o'clock next Wednesday.
Patient: Thank you for your help.
Doctor's Assistant: You're welcome. We'll see you next week. Goodbye.
Patient: Goodbye.

Asisten Dokter: Selamat pagi, kantor Dokter Jensen. Ada yang bisa saya bantu?
Pasien: Halo, saya ingin membuat janji bertemu dengan Dokter Jensen.
Asisten Dokter: Apakah Anda pernah mengunjungi Dokter Jensen sebelumnya?
Pasien: Ya, saya pernah. Saya pernag berobat dengannya tahun lalu.
Asisten Dokter: Baik, siapa nama Anda?
Pasien: Maria Sanchez.
Asisten Dokter: Terima kasih, Ms. Sanchez, izinkan saya membuka file Anda ... Oke, saya telah menemukan informasi Anda. Apa alasan Anda membuat janji?
Pasien: Saya merasa tidak enak badan akhir-akhir ini.
Asisten Dokter: Apakah Anda membutuhkan perawatan segera?
Pasien: Tidak, belum tentu, tapi saya ingin segera ke dokter.
Asisten Dokter: Tentu saja, bagaimana kalau Senin depan? Ada slot yang tersedia pada jam 10 pagi.
Pasien: Saya khawatir saya akan bekerja jam 10. Apakah bisa setelah jam tiga?
Asisten Dokter: Coba saya lihat. Bukan pada hari Senin, tapi kami bisa jam tiga hari Rabu depan. Apakah Anda bisa?
Pasien: Ya, Rabu depan jam tiga terdengar bagus.
Asisten Dokter: Baiklah, saya akan jadwalkan untuk Anda jam tiga Rabu depan.
Pasien: Terima kasih atas bantuannya.
Asisten Dokter: Sama-sama. Sampai jumpa minggu depan. Selamat tinggal.
Pasien: Selamat tinggal.

Contoh Percakapan 1
Andy: I would like to make an appointment for a project meeting.
Baim: Of course, I have Monday or Tuesday available. What day would be best for you?
Andy: I would like to meet on Monday.
Baim: Very well then. Are mornings or afternoons best?
Andy: I want to come in the morning.
Baim: I will have my assistant check my calendar and get back to you with the exact time. Can you bring me an outline of the project when you come?
Andy: Yes, I can bring the outline when I come to the meeting.
Baim: Do you think that we should include the entire committee in the meeting or just our sub-committee?
Andy: I think that we should have just the sub-committee.
Baim: OK then, I will make the arrangements for them to attend. Do you know how to get there?
Andy: No, I need directions, please.
Baim: Fine, we will make sure that we send you all of the information that you need. See you there!

Contoh Percakapan 2
Andy: When could we meet to discuss the project?
Baim: I will be available on Monday or Tuesday. Choose which day is best for you.
Andy: I prefer Monday.
Baim: Good. Can you come in the morning or would afternoon be best?
Andy: Either one is OK.
Baim: Great! When I check with the others, I will send you an exact time. When you come, be prepared to do your presentation.
Andy: I will be prepared to do my presentation.
Baim: Who would you like to see there? Just the sub-committee or should we ask the whole committee?
Andy: Everyone needs to be there.
Baim: That will probably be best. Do you need help with directions?
Andy: I think I know where it is. Maybe you could send me directions just to make sure.
Baim: OK. We will e-mail you all the information you need tomorrow. Have a good day!

Exercise: Answer the following questions!
Andy: Could I ... to Mr. Brand in the Marketing department, please?
Baim: Sure, wait a minute.
1. The suitable word to complete the dialogue is ....
A. Go
B. Speak
C. With
D. Run
E. Come

Ery : __________________
Kevin : I am sorry, I am bussy all day.
2. The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is …
A. Can you show me your plan?
B. Can you help me? 
C. Can we meet on Friday?
D. I'm free in the morning
E. I love your idea

Read the dialogue below (for questions number 3 to 5)
Amel: Could I meet with you to discuss the project?
Bram: Good idea. We could meet on Monday or Tuesday. Which day would you prefer?
Amel: Tuesday would be good for me.
Bram: OK. Do you think we should meet in the morning or in the afternoon?
Amel: I think the afternoon would be best.
Bram: That will work out. I will e-mail the exact time tomorrow. I need you to bring your plans with you.
Amel: Yes, I will bring my plans with me to the meeting.
Bram: Should we invite the whole committee or should we just have the sub-committee there?
Amel: I feel that the whole committee needs to be there.
Bram: Yes, I agree. We'll make sure that they get notified. Can you find the meeting place?
Amel: Yes, I know how to get there on my own.
Bram: Great! We will send you all the details later. Looking forward to meeting with you!
3.  What did Amel ask Bram?
A. Discuss the project
B. Invite the sub committee
C. Meet in the morning
D. Send an e-mail
E. Bring his plans to the meeting

4. What day they will be meet?
A. Monday morning
B. Monday afternoon
C. Tuesday evening
D. Tuesday morning
E. Tuesday afternoon

5. I think the afternoon would be best.
The underlined expression expresses ....
A. Making an appointment
B. Accepting an appointment
C. Declining suggestions
D. Asking suggestions
E. Rejecting an appointment


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