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Asking and Giving Information Beserta Contoh Soal Terlengkap - Asking and Giving Information Beserta Contoh Soal Terlengkap. Asking Information adalah cara yang digunakan untuk meminta seseorang memberikan informasi kepada si penanya informasi. Pada postingan kali ini saya akan berbagi tentang berbagai macam expression yang bisa digunakan ketika kita membutuhkan informasi dari seseorang. Untuk setiap situasi tersebut saya juga akan membagikan beberapa dialogue yang bisa digunakan sebagai acuan dalam memahami penggunaan expression tersebut.

Asking Information 

Can you tell me...?
Could you tell me...?
I'd like to know...
D'you know...
(Got / Have you) any idea...?
Could anyone tell me...?
(Do / Would) you happen to know...?
I don't suppose you (would) know...?
I wonder if you could tell me...?
I wonder if someone could tell me...?
Could you tell me how to get to the bus station?
Do you know that old man?
Do you know how much is this car costs?
Do you happen to know where to buy an umbrella?
Can you tell me what the time is?
I’d like to know your name.
I’d like to know what you think about this idea.
I wonder if you could tell me why the meeting was canceled?
Do you have any idea how to use this machine?
Could you find out where she lives?
I’m looking for a book about gardening..

Giving Information

It's this way
On your right
Turn left and it is beside post office
Not so far, just 1 kilometer from here
I'm fine
In his room
a dozen of book
This is Ani
I am Jhony

FormulaQuestion WordExample Finish
Could you tell mewhenthe next train leaves?
Do you knowhow muchthat vase costs?
Do you happen to knowwhereTom lives?
I'd like to knowwhatyou think about the new project.
Could you tell mewhenthe next train leaves?
Could you find outwhenshe is going to arrive?
Customer : Excuse me, can you tell me where I can find menswear
Shop Assistant : Sure. Menswear is on the second floor. 
Customer : Oh, also, could you tell me where sheets are. 
Shop Assistant : No problem, sheets are on the third floor at the back. 
Customer : Thanks for your help. 
Shop Assistant: My pleasure. 
Brother : When does the movie start? 
Sister : I think it’s at 9. 
Brother : Check, will you? 
Sister : You’re so lazy. Just a second. 
Brother : Thanks sis. 
Sister : Yes, it starts at 9.

Customer : Permisi, Dapatkah Anda memberitahu saya di mana saya dapat menemukan pakaian pria?
Shop Assistant : Tentu,Pakaian pria adalah di lantai dua
Customer : Oh, dan juga, bisa Anda memberitahu di mana yang satuan.
Shop Assistant : Tidak masalah, yang satuan ada di lantai tiga di bagian belakang.
Customer : Terimakasih atas bantuan anda.
Shop Assistant : Ya tentu.
Brother : Kapan Film akan dimulai?
Sister : Ku pikir pada jam 9.
Brother : Maukah kamu memeriksanya?
Sister : Kamu sangat pemalas.
Brother : Terimakasih kak.
Sister : Iya filmnya mulai jam 9.

Contoh Percakapan 1
Man : Excuse me, would you mind answering some questions? 
Business Colleague : I’d be happy to help. 
Man : I wonder if you could tell me when the project is going to begin
Business Colleague : I believe we’re beginning the project next month.
Man : and who will be responsible for the project.
Business Colleague : I think Bob Smith is in charge of the project.
Man : OK, finally, would you mind telling me how much the estimated cost will be?
Business Colleague : I’m afraid I can’t answer that. Perhaps you should speak with my director.
Man : Thank you. I thought you might say that. I’ll speak to Mr. Anders.
Business Colleague : Yes, that would be best for that type of information. 
Man : Thank you for helping out. 
Business Colleague : My pleasure.

Contoh Percakapan 2
Andy : Excuse me. Could you tell me where the public library is, please ?
Bryan : The public library? Let me see. Oh yes, of course i know. It is in Rajawali Road.
Andy : Is the near here?
Bryan : You just go along this street until you come to the first traffic light. Then turn left.
Andy : Thank you. How about Mr. Ali's house. Do you know where Mr. Ali's house is?
Bryan : Oh I see. It is next to the public library and in front of the language laboratory.

Exercise: Answer the following questions!
Complete the dialogue below (for questions number 1 and 2) 
Andy : What's the matter with you?
Bryan : I've got stomachache
Andy : You should go to the sickbay
Bryan : You are right, but where? Can you tell me where it is?
Andy : Sure. It's next to the principal's office
Bryan : Thanks?

1. The underlined word is showing …
A. Asking help
B. Asking opinion
C. Asking attention
D. Responding of certainty
E. Asking Information

2. Where is the sickbay?
A. It is in front of principal's office
B. It behind of principal's office
C. It is next to the principal's office
D. It is across of principal's office
E. It is next to the hospital

Complete the dialogue below (for question number 3)
Lukman : Excuse me. _______________________ ?
Ikhsan : Sure. It's in front of the language laboratory.
3. The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is ....
A. Can you tell me where the library is
B. Can you play the guitar
C. Can you show me your car
D. Can you read the book for me
E. Can I borrow your book

Complete the dialogue below (for questions number 4 and 5)
A : I’d like some information about the trains.
B : Yes?
A : Could you tell me what time the train to Miami leaves?
B : Yes, the next train leaves at 11.00am.
A : _______________ how long it takes?
B : Let me see. It takes 28 hours.
4. The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is …
A. It sound nice
B. Buy a new one
C. I am really happy to hear that
D. Do you know
E. You can do it

5. The underlined expression expresses ....
A. Expressing satisfaction
B. Making an appointment
C. Giving information
D. Giving attention
E. Declining attention


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