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5 Contoh Descriptive Paragraphs "Writing Sederhana" - 5 Contoh Descriptive Paragraphs "Writing Sederhana". Sebelumnya saya sudah banyak memberikan contoh Descriptive text, namun berbeda dengan contoh-contoh Descriptive text sebelumnya. Kali ini contohnya lebih sederhana dari yang sebelumnya.


Hello. I am Ernie Anderson. I am a truck driver. I am from the United States. Here is a picture of my wife and me. We are with our friends. We are square dancers. Dancing is not our work. It is our hobby. The square dance is an old American dance for four couples. A couple is one man and one woman. Three other couples are in our square. Their names are Bob and Marsha, Doug and Cathy, and Henry and Eileen. My wife’s name is Hazel. Her dress is short and full. It is a square dance dress. We are in the front on the left. The music is very fast right now.


My dad works in a bank. He works there from Monday to Friday. He helps people. He counts money, and he uses the computer. His job is important. He is an important man at the bank. Dad also works at home. On weekends he cooks dinner. Usually he fixes Italian food. On Saturdays he makes spaghetti. On Sundays he makes pizza. Sometimes he fries chicken or fixes Chinese food. My mother watches and helps. She cuts the vegetables. She tosses the salad. I wash the dishes. Some people say it is strange for a man to cook. My dad enjoys his hobby. Cooking relaxes him. His father was a weekend cook, too.


Peter Day is a cook. He cooks  in  a  restaurant.  Peter cooks on a grill. He grills meat for  ham burgers.  Next  to  Peter is  Pau line.  Pauline  is  also  a cook.  She  puts  sandwiches together. Peter and Pauline are very  busy.  They  work  quickly. They make hundreds of sandwiches every day. Many customers order sandwiches every day. The waitresses write orders on small pieces of paper. Pauline reads the orders and calls to Peter, “Two hamburgers and a steak, medium.” Then a waitress picks up the food, and brings it to her customers. The waitresses bring three or four orders at a time. The customers eat their sandwiches and pay for the food.


My friend Nick has many likable qualities. He is kind hearted, very thoughtful, and friendly to everyone. Because he is smart, he knows how to use humor to get his point across without hurting anyone’s feelings. Nick is also familiar with how to use humor to motivate people and how to get people to agree with him. The most important thing I like about him is that I know he would never turn his back on me or lie to me or my family. I feel very lucky to have someone like my friend because I can count on him in many ways. If your car broke down far away from home in the middle of the night, Nick is the kind of person who would get out of bed to pick you up. I have learned how to treat other people better through watching him, and he has shown me what it means to be honest and trustworthy.


Catty is my beautiful gray Persian cat. He walks with pride and grace, performing a dance of disdain as he slowly lifts and lowers each paw with the delicacy of a ballet dancer. His pride, however, does not extend to his appearance, for he spends most of his time indoors watching television and growing fat. He enjoys TV commercials, especially those for Meow Mix and 9 Lives. His familiarity with cat food commercials has led him to reject generic brands of cat food in favor of only the most expensive brands. Catty is as finicky about visitors as he is about what he eats, befriending some and repelling others. He may snuggle up against your ankle, begging to be petted, or he may imitate a skunk and stain your favorite trousers. Catty does not do this to establish his territory, as many cat experts think, but to humiliate me because he is jealous of my friends. After my guests have fled, I look at the old fleabag snoozing and smiling to himself in front of the television set, and I have to forgive him for his obnoxious, but endearing, habits.


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