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Asking and Giving Opinion Beserta Soal Terlengkap - Asking and Giving Opinion Beserta Soal Terlengkap. Di dalam melakukan percakapan sehari-hari seringkali kita dihadapkan pada kondisi yang mengharuskan kita untuk memberikan pendapat atau pun meminta pendapat dari orang lain. Di dalam bahasa inggris cara memberikan dan meminta pendapat disebut dengan asking and giving opinion. Ada aturan dan ciri-ciri khusus di dalam meminta ataupun memberi pendapat dengan menggunakan bahasa inggris. Penjelasan berikut akan membantu anda memahami cara melakukan percakapan atau dialog asking and giving opinion dalam bahasa inggris. Baca juga penjelasan tentang Asking and Giving Advice.

Asking opinion

How do you feel about ...? 
What's your opinion about ...?
Have you got any comments on …..
Do you have any idea?
Do you have any opinion on ……
Would you give me your opinion on……….?
What is your reaction to ……
What is your opinion about……….?
What are you feeling about………….?
What are your views on……….?
Please give me your frank opinion?

What's your reaction to that? 
What do you think of…….?
What do you think about………?
What is your opinion?
Why do they behave like that?
Do you think it’s going?
How do you like?
How was the trip?
How do you think of Rina’s idea ?
How do you feel about this condition?

Giving opinion

I personally believe …..
I personally consider ….
I personally think /feel ….
I hold the opinion ….
My own view of the matter is ……
Well, personally …….
If I had my view, I would …..

My reaction is that we should ... 
In my opinion I think ... 
Well, I think ... 
I think I like it.
I don’t think I care for it.
I think it’s good/nice/terrific……..
I think that awful/not nice/terrible…………
I don’t think much of it.
I think that……..
In my opinion, I would rather……….
In my case …..
What I’m more concerned with ….
What I have in my mind is………
The way I see is that…………
No everyone will agree with me, but ….
To my mind …..
From my point of view ….
If you ask me, I feel ….
Any comments, John? 
Absolutely ………


Yes, I agree with John.
Yes, I think that's a good point.
I'll go along with that.
Contoh Percakapan


I'm sorry, but I can't agree with John.
I think you may have missed the point there ...
Sorry, I can't go along with that.

Erika: “Hi  Clara, what are you doing?”
Clara: “Hi Erika, I’m writing a poetry”
Erika: “Poetry? for the special one?”
Clara: “Absolutely, tomorrow is mothers’ day so I would like to give this poetry for my mommy”
Erika: “Mothers’ day? Oh my god! I forget about it”
Clara: “Calm down Erika, why don’t you write a poetry too?”
Erika: “No, I cant write a poetry “
Clara: “Do you know what is the thing that your mommy likes?”
Erika: “She likes flowers”
Clara: “How about buying a flower vase, I think your mommy likes it.
Erika: “That sounds good idea, but Clara would you mind to accompany me to find it out after class end?” Clara: “With my pleasure”
Erika: “Oh thank you so much  Clara”
Clara: “Don’t mention it Erika”

Erika: "Hai Clara, apa yang kamu lakukan?"
Clara: "Hi Erika, aku sedang menulis puisi"
Erika: "Puisi? untuk seseorang yang spesial?"
Clara: "Tentu saja, besok adalah hari ibu jadi saya ingin memberikan puisi ini untuk ibu saya"
Erika: "hari Ibu? Ya Tuhan! Aku lupa tentang hal itu"
Clara: "Tenang Erika, mengapa tidak kamu menulis puisi juga?"
Erika: "Tidak, saya tidak bisa menulis puisi"
Clara: "Apakah kamu tahu apa hal yang suka ibumu?"
Erika: "Dia suka bunga"
Clara: "Bagaimana tentang membeli vas bunga, saya pikir ibumu akan menyukainya"
Erika: "Kedengarannya ide yang bagus, tapi Clara apakah kamu keberatan untuk menemani saya untuk menemukannya setelah kelas berakhir?"
Clara: "Dengan senang hati"
Erika: "Oh terima kasih banyak Clara"
Clara: "Jangan sungkan-sungkan Erika"

Contoh Percakapan 1
Kevin: “Hi Maya”
Maya: “Hi Kevin, what are you doing here?”
Kevin: “I want to buy manusia setengah salmon book”
Maya: “Whose the writer? “
Kevin: “His name’s Radityadika
Maya: “Oh I see, Actually I’ve read his another book the title is kambing jantan
Kevin: “ (Agreement) and Radityadika is my favorite writer, I have all of his books by the way what are you looking for here? ”
Maya: “I’m looking for negri lima menara novel, I’m pretty sure that you know that novel “
Kevin: “ Of course i know it, good choice Maya, and you should have it because (giving opinion) and very recommended for the student like us
Maya: “Yea my sisters says so, I cant wait to read that novel. By the way I have to take the novel now because I wont get home late, it’s nice to talk with you Kevin “
Kevin: “ Oh OK, it's nice to talk with you too”
Maya: “ See you later”
Kevin: “ See you”

Contoh Percakapan 2
Mr. Andy: What do you think of my new house?
Mr. Bryan: It is beautiful. I think. Oh you have many novels in your new house.
Mr. Andy: Yeah, some. I like Andrea Hirata’s novels.
Mr. Bryan: How do you feel about Andrea Hirata’s novels
Mr. Andy: I feel they are great novels.
Mr. Bryan: Yes, you are right. I think it is going to rain.
Mr. Andy: I don’t think so. Look outside at the sky! It’s so clear. No clouds there.
Mr. Bryan: But I watched the weather forecast yesterday. It said that today is going to rain. OK Mr. A see you.

Exercise: Answer the following questions!
Kate : We’ll have a long holiday next month. What are you going to do?
Yani : ....
Kate : I hope you have a nice trip
1. Complete the dialogue above ....
A. I am thinking of going to Bali Sorry
B. Sorry, I can’t tell you
C. It’s not your business
D. I have nothing to do
E. I don’t know what to do

Alex : What do you think about the film ?
Bram : I think .......................
2. Complete the dialogue above ....
A. I like it
B. Thank you
C. I can’t hear you
D. You forget it
E. Let’s go

Eric : I think our city is very hot at the moment.
Era  : I don’t think so ................ Our city is much cooler than other cities in this country.
3. Complete the dialogue above ....
A. I know it
B. I am thinking of
C. He forget it
D. In my opinion
E. See you

Bowo : I feel tired and I feel dizzy.
Sri : I think …. Don’t leave the bed if it is not necessary.
4. Complete the dialogue above ....
A. You must sing
B. You should lie down and have some rest
C. You can see the doctor tonight
D. I will take you to the hospital
A. I must take some rest, too

Dave: So what do you think of my singing?
John: It's really good, but I suggest to try singing in a high tune.
Dave: Thanks, John.
John: No problem, Dave!
5. From the dialogue above, John is...
A. Asking for help
B. Giving an opinion
C. Asking for an opinion
D. Giving help
E. Giving attention

Jade: What do you think of my drawing?
Rose: It's amazing, but I think you should erase the scribbles over here.
Jade: Thank you so much for you opinon, Rose!
Rose: My pleasure.
6. From the dialogue above, Rose is...
A. Asking for attention
B. Asking a question
C. Giving an opinion
D. Giving help
E. Asking for help

Dirk: Can you give me an opinion about my sculpture?
Jake: Sure thing! I think you should have had fixed the hand.
Dirk: Thanks, Jake.
Jake: No problem!
7. From the dialogue above, Dirk is...
A. Asking for help
B. Giving help
C. Giving opinion
D. Asking for an opinion
E. Asking for help

Jane: Roxy, what do you think of the cake I bake?
Roxy: It' really delicious! I love it!
Jane: yes!
8. From the dialogue above, Jane is...
A. Asking for an opinion
B. Asking for help
C. Requesting for attention
D. Giving an item
E. Giving opinion


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